Generate Passive Income Through AI Blogging

generate passive income

I have been blogging for quite a long time for the sheer enjoyment derived from writing as my hobby. I was quite excited to learn later in my writing venture that we can generate passive income through blogging. So my interest somehow shifted from pure enjoyment of writing and sharing my thoughts online to devoting time to how to make my posts generate passive income.

My passion for writing got sustained for more than a decade. I started way back in the 1990s when internet connection was a challenge up to this point when artificial intelligence or AI came into being. AI blogging removed the excitement to be had in creatively writing blogs or posts like this. It is now possible to just suggest a title and the AI, like ChatGPT, can do the rest.

The effort to generate passive income caused me to study and learn the following things:

  1. understand search engine optimization or SEO,
  2. identify keywords that get searched online,
  3. learn to leverage social media sites,
  4. keep up and comply with Google’s endless requirements to successfully get the website indexed,
  5. create a WordPress site,
  6. Find the hosting solution that effectively serves my blog to a larger audience.
  7. monetize the website using various means, such as ads, e-books, and online services, and
  8. learn how to use AI in creating content, both written material and videos.

Generate Passive Income Through Blogging? Nada.

Blogging, as I knew it before, has become a complicated thing as it is now. The sheer requirements to generate passive income successfully nowadays would have appalled me.

Blogging to generate passive income is not as easy as it was even five years ago. You cannot just rest on your laurels if you made it just like my blog a year ago.

Even with the best effort I’ve done in creating blogs to recover what I have lost way back in September last year, I could no longer generate passive income as good as it was a year ago. Google’s algorithm, or the series of updates since that time, decimated the painstaking effort to create educational articles. The over 500 articles I’ve written have not helped this blog recover from the loss of traffic and income that it once had.

If you will ask me then at this time, blogging is no longer an excellent source of income as it was before. You can just do blogs for the enjoyment you derive from writing as your passion, but never expect that you will generate passive income worthy of your time. You have to surpass many challenges aside from what I have listed a while ago.

The Apparent Direction to Take to Generate Passive Income Online

Reflecting on my blogging experience plus the knowledge, skills, and techniques required, my advice to new bloggers is to focus on the following things if they want to generate passive income online at this AI-powered generation:

  1. focus more on creating visually appealing and unique video blogs,
  2. make your own unique online product to sell,
  3. learn AI and leverage it to create unique content for you.

My impression is that looking for content in written form is not as appealing as it was before. You may get read by those who still believe and rely on the authenticity of written, well-referenced content. But the preponderance of video content that’s addictive nowadays, the new generation of users online would rather opt for a visually appealing video than the drudgery of long string of words.

AI-Dictated Content to Generate Passive Income

Despite written content still applying to academics like me, I spend a lot of time on TikTok, viewing nonsense videos and reading the comments that people make. Sometimes these videos are educational, but when I dwell on an interesting content that attracts my attention, the algorithm keeps on bombarding me with similar content until I lost track of time. I have become addicted.

This instance tells us that the algorithms that online content providers use, like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, among others now get deep into people’s consciousness, fuelling their interests at a subconscious level. The AI behind the media site can supply human demand at an individual level, adapting as needed.

Now, I am convinced that we no longer have effective control of things online that we absorb. Unknowingly, it is now AI that dictates the way to go, making us depend on them if we need to become productive. Content producers who successfully make it out in whatever blogging platforms they use can generate passive income if AI facilitates so.

Hence, knowing these things, the best way forward to generate passive income is to leverage AI, and be conscious that we are now in an AI-dictated world that could make or break our way towards the life we want.

Use AI, but be wary of using it. If you succeed, then you can generate passive income on auto pilot.

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