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Welcome to our selection of eBooks on research paper writing and related topics discussed in this website. May these eBooks guide you in your research writing or thesis writing journey.

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Conceptual Framework Development eBooks

Conceptual framework eBook (original edition): PhP 249.99
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Conceptual Framework eBook, Second Edition: PhP 289.95

Research and Thesis Writing eBook

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Thesis/research writing eBook: PhP 299.95

Statistics Selection eBook

This eBook is unique in that it will save you the time in finding which statistical test you should use in your study. Discover how it’s done simply, yet effectively.

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Statistics eBook: PhP 149.95


Discounted Package 1

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Conceptual Framework Development & Thesis Writing eBooks: PhP 489.00

Discounted Package 2

Conceptual Framework Development, Thesis Writing, and Statistical Test Selection eBooks: PhP 525.00

Curriculum Development eBook

For curriculum developers, this eBook will jumpstart your plans for your school.

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Curriculum Development Guide eBook: PhP 149.95

Palawan Wildlife eBook

For those who love wildlife, here is unique photographic collection of amazing, charismatic, and endemic wildlife in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – Palawan.

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PhP 339.95
NOW ON SALE at only PhP249.95 until June 30, 2021!

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