Thesis Writing in the Information Age


This unique, easy-to-follow e-book will help you save time with ready-made objectives, lessons, and practical exercises.

Hundreds of students find the book easy to read and apply.


This eBook on how to write a thesis or research focuses on contemporary methods in doing research. It is an indispensable tool for both teachers and students.

How will this eBook support teachers?

If you are writing a course module on preliminary research, this eBook meets your needs. This eBook is an excellent guide that will help you save time and get your modules ready in no time.

The eBook on how to write a thesis already contains the objectivescontents, and practical exercises for students to learn and apply. The lessons are brief but effective in conveying the needed knowledge and skills expected of students.

The practical knowledge students gain enables them to conduct research independently. Clear illustrations supplement their knowledge. And references are available for further study.

That saves you time and energy to prepare your lessons. You will then have more time to focus on other tasks and get some rest.

How will this eBook help students?

This straightforward and down-to-earth research writing eBook is easy to read and understand for students wanting to finish their research or thesis on time. If you are a graduate student or someone who needs to refresh knowledge about research for your comprehensive examination, this eBook is for you.

This eBook answers the many questions on writing a research or thesis or beginning and finishing your research activity, either as a course requirement or a term paper.

How till this eBook help other users?

For anyone who wants to do research, this eBook is an indispensable tool. You may want to research as part of your task. Or perhaps help improve your business’ performance. The practical examples can help you do research even if you have not had formal training.

You can use the concepts to write research that will resolve a business or personnel management problem. Additional references will guide your quest for a more in-depth study of the issue at hand.

What Do Users say about this eBook on Research or Thesis Writing?

Here is Bard’s comment on one of the articles that served as the basis of this book’s contents. The feedback was about one of the articles published online about examples of variables.

Thank you for this article. I really appreciate your efforts and your way of explaining it. Very simple but extremely meaningful. As I was reading the climate change sample, I was asking myself where are the DV and IV, and then whether the temperature would be listed under the DV or IV. I was going to ask that question but I am glad that Gabe asked it and you answered it perfectly.

– Bard

The article mentioned by Bard is just one among those easy to understand explanations of the important concepts in research that graduate and undergraduate students struggle to understand. The explanation is simple but not lacking in essentials. As Einstein put it,

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

– Einstein

This book offers practical tips on how to write not only a thesis but research in general. It will help you finish your thesis or dissertation on time and guide you on writing analysis from conceptualization, literature review, and writing the research and discussion.

What makes this eBook unique?

The eBook is a product of the author’s research and teaching experience for more than 30 years. Thus, it is a condensed version of the textbooks used in research.

Here is the 170-page eBook for beginning researchers who need meaningful yet straightforward explanations on how to write a thesis. Start to write a research right, get ahead of the pack, and make a difference.

See the Table of Contents, a sample chapter, and index below:


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