17 Amazing Benefits of Guava

Read the 17 benefits of guava, a crunchy food with lots of vitamins and other amazing uses.

Role of the Mother in Home Health

We’re appreciative to the dynamite bravado of all the loving mothers out there. Her moral and mental strength to face all difficulty and her endless perseverance is towering.

Moms never neglect and fall short of her love for the family, perpetually characterized by her steady and toughest efforts in giving particular attention to every single detail in the house and her family—husband and kids, lasting throughout an entire day.

Thanks to all the tender loving, heroic love especially exhibited in fulfilling her highest purpose, and noble acts all for the love of her family that momsies abundantly give and making up an undivided love she has for her family.

We’re affording gratitude and contentment indeed, and are appreciably conscious of the benefits received from a mother’s love.

Considerably owing to her dedication as a loving mother, night and day, the house is constantly noticeably salutary in good living conditions. Her family has been invariably furnished with the essentials to the development, smooth operation and sustenance with the foods necessary for human nutrition, associated with good health, healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle.

On account of the mother’s commendable warmth, quintessential personal affection and personal attachment, a strong emotional bond thrives as the basis for a normal, emotional, and social quotient.

Delicious, Healthy Food

Because of the loving mommies, dining tables are predominantly worthy of reliance on service with delicious healthy foods, with the family enjoying good health, a healthy husband, and healthy kids.

A Mother’s Secret on her exemplary tender loving care (TLC) for her family lies on four (4) profound things:

  1. Plant-based foods as one of her best friends for her family’s good health and well-being.
  2. It’s her selfless love for her family. She genuinely loves her husband and kids.
  3. A prayer warrior for her entire family. That’s what she is forever.
  4. God got her back. That makes her a big winner.

80% of the water facilitates and assists to keep your body hydrated all day long and even when you’re heavily asleep. The exact reason moms primarily inculcate fresh veggies and fruits in her daily food prep preference for the family.

Among the mother’s arsenal of natural health remedies, she knows the significance of the guava family—from its fresh fruits to leaves down to its trunks.

Guava is named as the “Ultimate Superfood” because it is loaded with tons of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants and lycopene, among others.

I will describe more in the next sections about this amazing fruit.

The 15 Powerhouse Components of Guava

The following list highlights the benefits of guava. It has the following powerhouse components:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Phosphorous
  4. Magnesium
  5. Potassium
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Vitamin A
  8. Lycopene
  9. Calcium
  10. Protein
  11. Copper
  12. Water
  13. Folate
  14. Fiber
  15. Fat

If you don’t want to get sick often and increase your body’s immunity, you can supplement guava with the following veggies and fruits. Take fresh foods rich in vitamin C like spinach (Spinacia oleracea) , Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris), asparagus (Asparagus officinalis), celery (Udea rubigalis), thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which contains 3x more of vitamin C than oranges, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), blueberries (Vaccinium caesariense), oranges (Citrus sinensis), mangoes (Mangifera indica), and kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa).

12 Benefits of Guava: Amazing Practical Applications

The benefits of guava are many.
  1. Cooking ingredient like the tasty, healthy guava jam and guava candies. Guava likewise adds zest to meat, pastries and cocktails. It can be used as a glaze or sauce for grilled meats.
  2. Baking ingredient. Guava paste for homemade corn chips. Salad dressing for vegan salad.
  3. Leaves are used in bathing sick people by mixing it in the water.
  4. For treating minor wounds and scratches. Mince 1 leaf and apply to the affected area.
  5. Treats acne. Mince 1 leaf and apply to the affected area.
  6. Guava leaf tea, but in moderation.
  7. Leaves are used for foot spa.
  8. Leaves are used for hair spa.
  9. Snacks or dessert.
  10. Tanning agent.
  11. Wood source.
  12. Facial mask.

How to prepare the facial mask

A store bought facial mask is instantly available nowadays, but the natural ways always work best and are not harmful at all. Here’s the guava facial mask preparation to treat acne, lighten dark spots like dark wrinkled elbow or dark knee and also it lighten skin:

  1. Blend a few of the guava leaves and 1 egg.
  2. Using a clean cotton ball, apply the guava paste on your face, acne and dark skin for an hour. You may also apply it directly using your bare hands after washing it well.
  3. Rinse well after an hour.

How to prepare for other health issues

Here’s the guava tea preparation as antioxidant, good for people with sleep disorder, insomnia, diabetes, heart ailment and cancer.

  1. Thoroughly wash 4 or more freshly picked guava leaves.
  2. Boil along with 2cups of water and a clove of garlic.
  3. You may add 1/2 teaspoon of honey as optional.
  4. Drink 2x or 3x a week. It is always best to have tea, yet in remarkable “moderation”.

Guava is notably one of the richest source of dietary fiber one can find and further enhances metabolism, which leads to weight loss. Its very high in soluble fiber content and these enhance bowel movement.

However, it’s always advisable to have the usage of guava tea only in moderation, as excessive drinking of guava tea may lead to constipation.

5 Guava Health Benefits

  1. It has both antifungal and has antimicrobial composites that treat cough, oral ulcers, inflamed gums and diarrhea. Further, the guava leaves are being minched to normally medicate a minor wound or scratch on children or adult and hyperacidity.
  2. Its antioxidants decelerate or shrink and slow down the aging process of your skin, leaving you with a young, healthy look and unwanted wrinkles. The leaves further treats acne when applied directly to skin as a paste.
  3. Its potassium regulates blood lipids and blood pressure. It helps your heart healthy and regulates blood pressure levels and bad cholesterol. Moreover protects you against kidney stones, bone loss and stroke.
  4. Guava fruit is an excellent derivation for fiber. Increasing healthy digestive health and weight on the stool facilitates its channel for a smooth bowel movement and reduces the intensity of LBM. Further lower blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and weight loss by making you feel fuller for long before meals.
  5. Its lycopene content fights the growth of cancer cells like lung cancer cell, prostate cancer, etc.

Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal My people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security

Jeremiah 33:5

All kinds of trees providing food will grow along banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither and their fruit will not fail. Each month, they will bear fresh fruit because the water comes from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be used for food and their leaves for medicine.

Ezekiel 47:11-12

Let’s all continue encouraging each other with great attitudes and determination to glorify our one and only Loving Lord Almighty. It is God’s will for you to be healthy, heal you, prosper and be happy with Him—all you need to do is pray unceasingly with a grateful humble heart and believe (1Thessalonians 5:16).

With man, anything may be impossible, but with God, anything is possible (Matthew 19:26). God loves a humble heart and a prayerful person on bended knees kneeling.

Have a Big Faith

In a Big God


Prayer is the best medicine. And God is the best doctor forevermore.


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