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Aloe Vera Benefits: Amazing Cure to Chapped Lips

Do you have chapped lips? Have you tried different medications to no avail? This may be the solution to your problem. Read on and experience the curative benefits of Aloe vera.

At last, I discovered the best cure to my persistent chapped lips problem. It’s a simple fleshy plant called Aloe vera.

I once learned the curative properties of this plant a few years ago, and it just occurred to me to try it. That’s because I have already tried many remedies to my cracked, injured lips which usually happens when the ambient air is dry.

I tried applying to my lips different sorts of remedy. These include lip balm, petroleum jelly, glossy lipstick, olive oil, and even alum (locally called tawas) that made it even worse (of course).

I was so desperate that I thought I had a serious internal condition. But I didn’t have any bodily symptoms except my painful lips. And boy I’m glad I tried Aloe vera.

What is Aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species. Succulent means a tender, juicy, or fleshy plant. This means that if you hold the leaf of the plant, it is plump.

Once you remove the epidermis or outer leaf material of the plant, a gel in between the covering is revealed. I show a picture of the Aloe vera leaf with about an inch of the epidermis removed below.

How I Used Aloe Vera to Treat My Lips

The procedure I used in using Aloe vera to cure my lips is simple. I removed a leaf from the plant, sliced a little of the upper part of the leaf along its width then made another slice lengthwise, about an inch, to show the jelly-like substance inside it (see picture).

aloe vera benefits
How I cut the aloe vera leaf to access the gel.

I placed the gelatinous substance (open, dorsal side of the leaf) onto my lips and spread it all over my upper and lower lips. Subconsciously, I ate a little of the gel and tasted it just for curiosity and thinking it is edible.

It took me only about one to two days to see the results. My lips were healed in just a matter of three days, applying the gel only in the morning before going to work and at night before sleeping. It’s some miraculous cure.

The gel works best if the leaf is first cooled in the refrigerator. You will experience the cool, soothing relief of the gel after cutting through the leaf and applying the substance to your lips.

Healing Properties of Aloe vera

Before writing this article, I read a few lines about Aloe vera and discovered its many uses. Traditionally, people use Aloe vera as herbal medicine in many countries. It is a multi-purpose skin treatment. It is an effective moisturizer.

Even in the ancient times, the plant’s healing properties have been recognized. It even earned the name “a plant of immortality.”

Despite the health benefits of Aloe vera, however, there are apprehensions about its medicinal uses. It can be harmful if ingested in large doses. Topical applications seem to be okay.

There is, therefore, a need to study this plant further to confirm whatever possible complications that may arise from its use. There is a clear research gap along this area. For me, however, Aloe vera has shown its curative effects.

The underlying rule to apply if you worry about the harmful effects of medicinal plants is to use them in moderation. Once you have availed of its benefits, stop using it.

That’s just what I did. My lips got cured fast so there’s no need to use Aloe vera anymore. One thing I need to do to make sure I avoid having chapped lips is to drink more water. That will keep me internally hydrated and prevent drying up my lips again.

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By Regoniel, Patrick

Dr. Patrick A. Regoniel is a graduate school professor of Palawan State University. He loves writing about a wide range of topics under the sun. Aside from blogging and writing books, he tinkers with LaTeX codes, does systems analysis, layouts books and instructional materials, tweaks his websites, engages in photography and editing svg, jpeg and png files, does a little QGIS mapping, did some SCUBA diving for work and pleasure, runs 3 miles 3-4 times a week, and ah well... cooks on the sides. :-)

22 replies on “Aloe Vera Benefits: Amazing Cure to Chapped Lips”

Dear Jenna,
These are my personal thoughts on this issue as I am not a health professional but I have had a good deal of readings on the value of natural food: Any organic material has a shelf life. Manufacturers have to use preservatives to keep products for a long time. Ideally, we should avoid food with preservatives as these could possibly be detrimental to our health, especially to people with compromised immunity. It is therefore better to use fresh Aloe vera to get the most benefit. And of course, see the food labels always to avoid consuming expired food.

I have had dry lips for many years & have always used lip balm. But just a few days ago I thought let me try some aloe vera gel for a change. So I was just searching on Google to see if there was any info about this topic – & I found your site. Just what I wanted to hear. Thanks for posting !

Thank you Jagadvira. I thought the information would prove handy to many people having problems like mine. Yes, it’s better to use Aloe vera as it’s natural. I also learned that lack of Vitamin B complex could cause dry lips. So better couple it with natural sources of Vitamin B like red meat. I used to avoid meat but now started to eat again but not much. You can also get it from brown rice if you don’t want meat but Vitamin B12 is only produced from animal food sources.

Thank you for posting this info. I have a dry and chapped lips and I always use petroleum jelly and lip balm but nothing happened. So I thought of using this plant since we have. I searched in the internet what complications will happen if I use an aloe vera. Then I found this. But I have a question: Is it okay if I will not put it in the refrigerator?

Dear Cassandra, I use Aloe vera before putting it in the refrigerator. Of course, anything fresh or kept fresh through cooling has more potency than a dried up one. But don’t overdo its use because anything in excess is not good. If your lips are okay then stop using it to avoid side efffects. Thank you for visiting

Can you tell me what are the active ingredients to see if my lip balm contained?

Again sorry if there any grammar mistake

I’m desperate. Have been having this issue for a couple of years. It really has a way of playing with ones self-esteem. Peeling the aloe now… gone with your chapped self! I want my skin back!

For how long shall I apply tge Aloe vera on my lips? Shall I apply it on the morning and let it stay there all day or wash it off after minutes? Thank you for the information

Very important information I have learned I do have chapped and dry lips for many years and now believe going through this I will have a solution to my lips.

hey! Regoniel, Patrick A.
I have read your article and it was so amazing and i learned a lot of information about chupped lips. Before coming to your blog i go through a blog of Aloe Vera this blog only deals in Aloe vera they have full details about aloe vera, Just check it out.

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