Two Tips on How to Have a Fabulous Sun Shiny Hair The Natural Way

Looking for ways on how to have a fabulous sun shiny hair the natural way? This article shows how. Read on to find out.

Sun Shiny Hair: The Crowning Glory of a Woman

I assumed that a delightful, beautiful shiny hair is the crowning glory of a nifty woman. Women basically, regarding specific instances, love their hair and unquestionably give heedless time to take care of it.

Whichever of the eight—having a big length and thick, long or short hair, shoulder length, black hair or blondie, curly or a straight hair women love to set forth as an actual datum and throw an extra effort on their hair. Mothers in all their outright maternal tenderness love to fix regularly the hair of their children.

Momsies tidy the hair of their kids and place in a specified position either their fab ponytails or colorful hair clips and headband to enhance the appearance of the hair of their lovely daughters. Fixing it, making it more of a delight for beauteous hair than ever with a decorative hair accessories.

‘Twas simply innate for mothers to comb with vigor their daughters’ hair, seemingly without end, and making it further withal beautiful, shinier, and having a smooth glossy surface.

Our family from generation to generation has a few of the beauty regimen for hair, and trade secrets and hair methods and beauty hacks for hair on how to have a fab sun shiny hair the natural way. Hence, make your hair rock by following these tips!

Two Natural Tips on How to Have Sun Shiny Hair

Beautiful sunshiny hair is the crowning glory of a woman.

So how does one make her hair look aesthetically beautiful and sun shiny hair the natural way?

Here’s the list:

Avocado Hair Treatment

Here is the mixture and the simple procedure for sun shiny is using avocado.

  1. Thoroughly wash the ripe one (1) piece of an avocado, peel and slice into two.
  2. Just scrape the avocado fruit after removing or keeping apart the seed.
  3. Mashed the peeled avocado with a fork in a pint size mixing bowl.
  4. Add one (1) piece of a green calamansi. Remove the seeds by squeezing it with a fork. If you don’t have a calamansi, a one tbsp of a green mandarin fruit is perfectly ok. Another option is a one tbsp of squeezed lemon.
  5. Combine and blend into one mass all the mixture.
  6. After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients with a spoon, apply directly unto your dry frizzy and or damage hair using your clean hands.
  7. Gently repeat the procedure from the roots to all over your hair itself.
  8. Leave on for an hour or more, the better.
  9. Cover with a habitually clean thin towel.
  10. After an hour or more, rinse with water. Then Shampoo and conditioner hair. Notice how soft, smooth, delicate in texture and have a glossy surface your hair ia with this easy to prep herbal hair spa and treatment.

First Application

The first application is for a dry, frizzy, damaged hair—daily for a week.

Second Application

Four times (4x) a week for another one (1) week.

Third Application

After 15days, you can have it just for once a week, or two times (2x) a month to maintain your beautiful soft hair.

Additional Tips

Do the procedure two times (2x) a week on weekends in a manner and ways as stated above on the eleven easy steps to get the desired effect of a fab sun shiny hair. After which you can just opt to have the hair spa and treatment the natural way occasionally.

2. Coco Hot Oil Treatment

Here’s how to prepare the mixture for sun shiny hair and the detailed cooking procedures to extract oil from coconut.

Buy a freshly ground coco milk at the nearby market or at your fave selected grocery stores. Two (2) whole coconut milk will last for a month.

Foremost, on a frying pan, bring to a boil approximately eight (8) to ten (10) cups of fresh coco milk for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Add 1/2 cup of water.

The mixture generates bubbles when heated. Keep mixing and blending it all together. Rest.

When the full coco milk in the frying pan gets to evaporate to 1/3, it will be soon done. You will have a direct cognition when it’s done once the liquid of the coco milk turns from white milky color to a transparent coco hot oil.

Remove the latik or brown crispy cooked coco husk. You can either eat it for snacks or you can opt to put it as toppings for your homemade Philippine Biko sweet dessert.

Transfer the cooked coco hot oil to a clean and dry bottled container or a round microwavable plastic container. Let it cool and sealed after.

How to apply to the hair

Get two (2) tablespoonfuls of the homemade cooked coco oil and place on a clean small plate. Dip a cotton ball on it. Directly apply unto your scalp, roots and hair.

Cover your hair with clean hair towel for an hour, or more the better.

Rinse thoroughly with tap water. Shampoo hair and rinse.

Put a one (1) sachet of your preferred conditioner. Rinse again.

Towel dry your hair. And Voila, you got a fabulous sunshiny hair.

Do this in your home on weekends three times (3x) a week to have a better voluptuous, beautiful glowing sun shiny hair the natural way.

Woman and tiger sitting together on a large tree root.

Additional Tips

  1. Don’t do any heat straightening on a child, as they are too young to damage their hair.
  2. Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit.

It’s good to take a bath every day. Whatever your hairstyle is—invariably keep in mind for consideration that you are beautiful and you’re wonderfully made by God Almighty.

Bible Verses

  1. Luke 12: 7 Indeed, the very hairs on your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
  2. Proverbs 16: 31 Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.
  3. 1. Corinthians 11:15. But that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.
  4. 1Samuel 16: 7 For the LORD sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.


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