Bohol: Home of the 8th Wonder of the World


Discover Bohol, one of the 8 Wonders of the World found in the Philippines, with its majestic chocolate hills numbering more than 1,260. While in Bohol, you can do 27 exciting things, enjoy eating in one of the ten best restaurants, and choose from the island’s popular pasalubong.

Every individual needs a break. We all need some tempo for some beats of rhythm, engage in rejuvenating activities, and relax. Sometimes it just bolted in our life that we need some notably great diversion from our prosaic habitual schedule. Vacation therapy is the answer.

Vacation Therapy

Life can indeed be somehow overwhelming once in a while; the workloads, constant meetings, deadlines to meet on top of your family time, cope up with clients, heavy traffic, and a whole lot more. And so one gets overwhelmed, boredom and restlessness set in, or one gets drained of strength.

It’s ok to say you’re not ok.

Hey, after all, we’re only human beings, and we tend to exhaust ourselves. Our central body can similarly experience a catapult, a toss. Our senses can likewise get lost and helpless as if we’re at the terminal unit of something special.
Precisely the justification our Supreme God Almighty has created the enormous nature, global plants and herbs, the animals, the universe—so human race can wind down for relaxation and commune with nature.

This aspect distinctly pertains to “Vacation Therapy.” See how God’s favor for humankind is exceedingly unconditional, so endless, so forgiving, God’s love is so big as the universe and much more. He could foresee everything. He foreknew that humankind would be needing some form of relaxation.

So the next time you feel bored or get restless, say a little prayer, pack your travel backpack with some handy foods, water, and GO. Give yourself a big break! Avail of that free self-fulfilling HAPPINESS you get from a therapeutic vacation.

Travel as Therapy

Travel wherever your heart and soul want to, travel to recharge—you greatly deserve it. You deserve to pamper yourself after working so hard. So travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

You may go to an ornamental garden or on a forest trail, or an island hopping, a beach nearby, or travel miles away—It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far. The most important thing is YOU, and that you get the Vacation Therapy that you need. Bohol is ideally a great place to go to for some serenity.

The Kandugo Festival is the best annual celebration in town. It commemorates the treaty of friendship between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador.

One of the Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Central Visayas

Bohol Island is the 10th LARGEST ISLAND in the Philippines with a land area of 4,117.3 square kilometers. Bohol Province includes 75 smaller surrounding islands.

Etymologists take the origin of the word “Chocolate Hills” from the Aztec word “xocoati” which means bitter brewed from cacao beans without the sugar yet. Thus, the name Chocolate Hills– an amazing creation of God considered as the 8th Wonder of the World.

The island has been declared as the country’s 3rd National Geological Monument by the National Committee on Geological Sciences in recognition of its scientific importance, uniqueness, and high scenic value. It is one of the country’s protected areas.

How to Reach Bohol

Ideally, you may book a flight from Manila to Bohol, or Davao to Cebu. You may also cruise Bohol via Ocean Jet, a fast watercraft. Before you know it, after an hour, you see yourself surrounded by a body of water at Bohol.

Bohol is marvelous because of its beautiful beach, coral reefs, and world-class diving spots. The island is best known for its coral reefs and unusual geological formations—notably the Chocolate Hills—covered in green grass that turns choco brown during the dry season.

The chocolate hills of Bohol island always amaze tourists.

27 Things to do in Bohol

The Philippine tarsier, found in Bohol, is the smallest primate in the world.
  1. Visit Chocolate Hills—the highlight of most Bohol Tours. No shrubs or trees grow on the hills. It consists of 1,776 mounds or hills that rise to 400 feet, scattered over a 20-square mile area.
  2. Explore Panglao Island—a white sand beach, best diving sites in Central Visayas. The new airport is located here.
  3. Explore Hinagdanan Cave—means a ladder in Cebuano, a pool of clear water.
  4. Loboc River cruise on a boat where you can joyously board a floating restaurant on a 1.5 kilometer-long tributary while you feast on a Filipino lunch buffet. Plus, a local band serenades the guests.
  5. Tarsier Conservation Area—the smallest primate in the world at 15 centimeters long.
  6. Face your fears at Bohol Adventure Park zipline, wall climbing, and treetop challenges.
  7. Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park. A cable car and zipline await you for the adventurous people.
  8. Drive to Bohol Bee Farm, relax at the pool or, at the seashore, a trail at the vast farm, taste their homemade delicious ice cream and plates of seafood.
  9. Can-Umantad Waterfalls—tallest waterfalls in Bohol named after its height “can-uman or 60” because it’s 60 feet high. A 30-minute drive from Candijay.
  10. A beautiful Kinahugan Falls—situated 5kilometers from the poblacion of Jagna Bohol.
  11. Bilar Man-made Forest—a 2-kilometer canopy of mahogany trees over the highway.
  12. Cadapdapan Rice Terraces—located in Candijay, Bohol’s top rice-producing town.
  13. Experience a breathtaking Sardine Run at Napaling Dive Point.
  14. Waterfall hopping at Dimiao Twin Falls and Ingkumhan Falls.
  15. Dolphin Watching and snorkeling at the Balicasag Reef.
  16. Sagbayan Peak—with a nice view of Chocolate Hills.
  17. Visit the glowing fields at Jardin Necitas.
  18. Nova Shell Museum for history lovers.
  19. Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge
  20. Bamboo Hanging Bridge
  21. Alona Beach in Panglao
  22. Tigbao Hanging Bridge
  23. Danao Adventure Park
  24. Blood Compact Shrine
  25. Parasailing in Panglao
  26. Amorita Resort
  27. Alona Beach

10 Best Bohol Restaurants

  1. Takla in Gata—crayfish in coco milk. Crayfish comes from abundant mangrove areas of Bohol. This famous Bohol Dish is best cooked at Saffron Restaurant of Amorita Resort.
  2. Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant
  3. Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast
  4. The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm
  5. Gerandas Family Restaurant
  6. Coco Loco Restaurant
  7. Al Fresco Bay Cafe
  8. Saffron Restaurant
  9. The Wine Cellar
  10. Tarsier Paprika

Famous Food in Bohol

  1. Peanut Kisses-shaped like Bohol’s Iconic Chocolate Hills.
  2. Bohol’s Signature ube polvoron cookies.
  3. Kalamay stored in half coconut shells.
  4. Broas or Ladyfingers

Travel Tips

  1. Book your flight ahead at least 2-3 months and enjoy perks and promos from Pal Air or Cebu Pacific.
  2. Buy key chains at Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area or at the city mall.
  3. Best Pasalubong—Kalamay in coco shell which taste really good.
  4. Always travel light. Pray for your safety and joyful travel.
  5. Bring water for the long hour drive.

Eat. Live. Laugh.

It’s More Fun in Pinas.

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