100 Things To Do in Cebu-Queen City of the South, Philippines

If you’re running out of travel ideas, here’s 100 things to do in Cebu, the Queen City of the South in the Philippines. It’s time to take a break from the pandemic and join the travel bubble.

The hustle and bustle in your life—fret no more. Stop stressing yourself. The antidote—just a simple vacation therapy and prayers.

Take a halt momentarily from the corporate world and business busyness. Spend time to travel and have the time of your life, have a grand vacation at the queen city of the south—CEBU!

VACATION is just another eight (8)-letter word, till you figure out the utmost necessity to travel and book a flight with Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, or Cebu Pacific—fly to the unsurpassed numero uno beautiful parts of the Central Visayas Region of Cebu to simply unwind. 

Cebu is truly the number one sojourned tourist destination in Asia. There are three (3) good reasons why it’s named the Queen City of the South: 

  1. the city’s economic importance to the Philippines,
  2. pristine waters of the beaches and protected areas, and
  3. its majestic food. 

So here is a comprehensive list of a hundred things to do and see in Cebu. Take your pick of Cebu tourist spots highlighting protected areas and amazing natural environments great to the eyes, awe-inspiring, with calming effects to nature-lovers and everyone. Eco-tourism, aesthetics, and sumptuous feast at their best.

A Hundred Things to Do in Cebu City

21 Places to Visit in CEBU CITY PROPER

  1. Anjo World Theme Park, Minglanilla-Visayas longest theme park. A mini Disneyland. Php450 entrance fee on weekdays. Php550 on weekends for unlimited rides. Plus additional Php200 for Snow World.
  2. Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Mactan. Encounter small fishes at a depth of 5 meters and bigger fishes at 10 meters. For the PhP180 entrance fee, you can go snorkeling and landing at PhP200. Diving costs only PhP200.
  3. Go shopping at Robinsons Fuente, Robinsons Galleria, Ayala Center Lahug, Ayala Mall IT Park, Ayala Landers, E-mall, Colonnade, Parkmall, Rustans Banawa, SM NRA, SM seaside.
  4. Mt. Manungal Eco-Adventure Park, Balamban- Baguio de Cebu with PhP80 entrance fee. PhP150 skybike. PhP150 horseback riding.
  5. Get grooving at the Tops Lookout, Busay. There is a PhP100/US $2 entrance fee. The top attraction for overlooking the Cebu skyline.
  6. MSDEA Ornamental Garden, Sirao. A cool environment in a garden of heaven in the uphill roads with PhP60 entrance fee.
  7. Ka-Tilong Sunflower Farm, Busay features a 2,000-sq. m. farm. And the best part, the entrance fee is only PhP30.
  8. 10,000 Roses of Cebu, Mactan- 10k artificial LED-powered roses. The owner is also an interior designer.
  9. Shangri-la Mactan nestled amidst 13hectares of lush greenery with a 350meters white sand beach.
  10. Cebu Ocean Park, SM Seaside- There are thousands of marine species settled on big aquariums.
  11. Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner, Brgy Lusaran Busay. A Bali-inspired selfie park with a PhP50 entrance fee.
  12. Sirao Flower Garden and Mountain, Busay-The little Amsterdam of Cebu for Php100 entrance fee.
  13. Join a birdwatching tour in Olango Island and see the ninety-seven (97) species of birds.
  14. Plantacion Bay, set in an 11.4 hectare area, is truly a world-class resort.
  15. Lechon Foodtrip at CNT Lechon and at Zubuchon Lechon (organic).
  16. Movenpick Mactan- sun, sand, and sea await you here.
  17. Visit the 81steps of Taoist Temple, Beverly Hills.
  18. Temple of Leah, Busay-The Taj Mahal of Cebu.
  19. Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark, Mactan
  20. Casa Gorordo Museum, Parian
  21. Go island hopping in Mactan.

25 NORTH Cebu Travel Destinations

  1. Golden Sands Resort, all the way North of Cebu, Daanbantayan that sits on a 25-hectare relaxing resort. Go kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and walking the trail to the hill. The Lagoon consists of a 2-hectare water area featuring the wonders of aquatic life and a lot more.
  2. Mt. Manungal Eco-Park, Balamban. Airplane crash site of former Pres. Ramon Magsaysay. Entrance fee: PhP80, sky bike: PhP150, horseback riding: PhP150.
  3. Camotes Island is an hour’s ride from Cebu. Another 2-hour ride on a boat from Danao port. It has a crystal cave, Timubo cave spring and Busay falls.
  4. Buwakan ni Alejandra, Balamban. This place features a vibrant flower garden for the PhP75 entrance fee. Such an awesome hidden gem.
  5. Paradise Hills Mountain Resort, Compostela. A characteristic feature is a beautiful massive pool with a PhP100 entrance fee.
  6. Lake Danao, Camotes. A freshwater lake with an area of 680 ha. (1,680 ac.), the largest lake in the Visayas Region.
  7. Bantayan Island. The island is known for its crystal clear ocean and clean beaches with powdery white sand.
  8. Cebu Safari Adventure Park, Danao – the Philippines largest zoo. Asia’s longest zip line is 1.2 kilometers.
  9. Lake View de Jardin, Transcentral Highway Busay – with thousands of flowers and a variety of plants.
  10. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park in Danao sits on 133hectare prolific land in the mountains.
  11. Middle Earth Spring Resort, Carmen. The spring resort features three (3) pools.
  12. La Manok Island– close to Malapascua Island and another white sand bar.
  13. Cool off at Durano Eco Farm, Carmen with PhP100 entrance fee.
  14. Molobolo Spring. A Tuburan well-visited spring in north Cebu.
  15. Uragay Spring Resort. A resort 1-hour ride from the city.
  16. Dive and see sharks at Malapascua Island.
  17. Guiwanon Cold Spring – Tabogon.
  18. West 35 Eco Mountain Resort.
  19. Mangitngit Falls, Carmen
  20. Esoy Hot Spring, Catmon
  21. Ka Tinggo Falls, Catmon
  22. Tinubuan Falls, Catmon
  23. Bagatayan Falls, Sogod
  24. Marmol Cliffs, Tuburan
  25. Paharuhay Campsite

31 SOUTH Cebu Travel Destinations

Cebu City
Whale sharks in Oslob fascinate SCUBA divers.
  1. Experience serenity only at the grandeur of Badian Island. Badian Island Wellness Resort showcases a cascading salt water pool and its organic gardens. It is a luxuriously beautiful, eco-friendly and healthy eight (8)-hectare paradise resort, internationally known. One of the highlights of the resort is its Thalasso Waterfalls and pools brimming with ionized seawater which promotes relaxation. Day tour costs PhP2,500. Room rates: Junior Suite at PhP19,800; Family Suite at PhP21,100. Thalasso Pool Villa costs PhP45,000.
  2. Aguinid Falls, Samboan is one of the town’s waterfalls and the most popular because it’s a multi-layer cascade with 5 levels. This place is accessible to people with a tour guide. The first level is a minute trail that leads to a natural pool. But the highlight of Aguinid falls is at the 5th level where a towering 25-meter rock is found. It will take 45 minutes to get here.
  3. Strawberry de Cantipia Eco Farm, Dalaguete. Houses about 5,000 beautiful strawberry plants grown in organic gardens. You can taste a variety of plants served in its restaurant. It serves different dishes and refreshments with strawberries. The seedlings came from La Trinidad, Benguet so they taste good. The entrance fee is PhP50.
  4. Riverstone Castle. This awesome Castle is the only real fortress standing in the province of Cebu built from the stones in the town’s nearby rivers. Thus, the name Riverstone Castle. Entrance fee is PhP40. Swimming pool costs PhP60. Rooms: Family (4pax) is at PhP2,000, Royal (8-10pax) at PhP3,500.
  5. Mantayupan Falls, Barili. The entrance fee is PhP40/US$1. Cottages for PhP500/US$10. It’s an incredible 98-meter waterfall, the tallest in Cebu. You can go to the next level via the hanging bridge. Truly fun for adventurous people.
  6. Kansanto Spring, Badian. Enjoy the natural seawater springs with inflatables for the kids, fishing for the adults. They also feature giant turtles. The entrance costs PhP50.
  7. Agta Cave, Argao. Interesting stalagmites formed thousand years. The cave leads you further to a wider space, a small lake, and a waterfall. Truly breathtaking.
  8. Mountain Climbing at Osmena Peak, Dalaguete-Cebu’s Highest Peak. Considered a twin to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills and is 1,013 meters above sea level.
  9. Dao Falls, Samboan. The entrance fee is PhP20 in these dazzling waterfalls in town. The tour guide costs PhP200 per group.
  10. Pescador Island snorkeling- one of the best diving spots and swimming with Millions of Sardines, the famous sardines run.
  11. Candungao Peak-with and its neighbors Osmena Peak and Casino Lugsangan Peak for a 30-minute motorcycle ride.
  12. Visit Kawasan Falls-a three (3) cascade of clear turquoise water from the mountain Springs of Mount Mantalungun.
  13. Casino Lugsangan Peak-An expanse of jagged hills at Dalaguete Highlands. With 1,003 meters above sea level.
  14. Tumalog “Toslob” Falls, Oslob- a curtain-like waterfall with cool and clear clean water.
  15. Jumalon Museum and Butterfly Sanctuary- a mini rainforest at Macopa, Basak Pardo.
  16. Dive with the famous Whale Sharks in Oslob and experience swimming with them.
  17. Go to Sumilon Island and discover its marine biodiversity.
  18. Tumalog Falls canyoneering and rock climbing, Oslob.
  19. Strawberry de Cantipia Eco Farm, Dalaguete.
  20. Ka Treasure Water Terraces Falls, Argao
  21. Explore Matutinao River in Badian.
  22. Binalayan Hidden Falls, Samboan
  23. Tubod Nature Spring, Minglanilla
  24. Mt Lantoy – Argao’s highest peak
  25. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan
  26. Linao Cold Spring, Argao
  27. Alegria canyoneering
  28. Bugasoc Falls, Argao
  29. Carcar Chicharon
  30. Moalboal Diving
  31. Puerta Marina

20 Foodie Corners

  1. Music One Restaurant, IT Park Lahug. The restaurant that caters to 250 pax for training, seminars, and other family gatherings with 20 friendly staff. They offer Filipino Foods including delicious seafood platter, crispy pata, lechon kawali, sisig, calamares and a whole lot more.
  2. Blue Elephant-Asian cuisine. Alfresco dining with city view. Apple 1 tower.
  3. Phat Pho, Vietnamese Restaurant. Crossroads Archbishop Avenue
  4. Scape Skydeck-Italian/American. Roof deck Lapulapu.
  5. Casa Verde Restaurant. Famous for baby back ribs.
  6. Circa 1900 Casa Uno, Gorordo. Vintage yet classy.
  7. La Vie Parisienne – French Restaurant, Gorordo
  8. Cafe Old Cul-de-Sac. American Restaurant
  9. Lighthouse Restaurant – Filipino/Asian
  10. Lantaw Restaurant – Filipino Seafoods
  11. Tinderbox Wine and Deli – European
  12. Chateau de Busay – Intl. European
  13. La Vie in The Sky – French, Busay
  14. Bellini- Italian Nivel Hills, Lahug
  15. The Pyramid – European/Asia
  16. Hola Espana, Banilad – Italian
  17. Hukad. Filipino cuisine
  18. Zubuchon (organic)
  19. CNT Lechon
  20. La Tegola

8 Recommended Places to Buy Pasalubong

  1. 7D Dried Mangoes and Mango Juice
  2. Lola Purezas peanut broas
  3. R&M Dried Mangoes
  4. Carcar Chicharon
  5. Titays Rosquillos
  6. Taboan Danggit
  7. CNT Lechon
  8. La Fortuna

Additional Travel Tips

  • Enjoy the perks and promos when you book ahead or at least 2 to 3 months ahead.
  • Keep safe under the Department of Tourism’s travel bubble strategy.
  • Travel light.



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