Four Tips on How to Write a School Newsletter

This article is for students who would like to know some tips in writing a school newspaper. 

Before I give you the tips, I would like to define first the word, newsletter. According to Jacci Howard Bear, a newsletter simply contains articles about one main subject or topic written by one or more authors and that is periodically published. It is also purposely written for a specific group of audience and it may contain jargons or technical words which may not be understood by the general audience/readers.

The writer goes on to say that as to the layout and format, it could be 1-2 pages or in some cases, up to 24 pages in letter size format. More often than not, it is in black and white and printed in plain paper.

So, with the definition in mind, if the newsletter is for school purposes, then it is called – the school newsletter. Here are four tips on how to write it.

Four Tips on How to Write the School Newsletter

  1. Decide how many pages your newsletter should be and how many times you will publish it. I t could be monthly or quarterly with one or two pages only.
  2. Have a list of only relevant and related topics to the theme of your particular issue. If you do it monthly, every school has monthly celebration, so you may focus your articles on that issue or you may focus on the events that took place during a particular month or period.
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  3. Make the headline attention-getting. This means that since you have intended readers in mind, you already know what is interesting for them. The headline maybe a complete or incomplete sentence. It may be a thought-provoking question.
  4. Make it colorful. Though there is no hard and fast rule about this, and most of the newsletters are in black and white, I suggest that you place pictures and add colors into it. Well, this could easily be done with e-copies since you don’t need to pay for the printing which is too costly on your part. But if the school has enough funds for the layout and printing, then you may have it that way. So, it depends on your preference.

I wish that I have given you basic tips on how to write a school newsletter. You may see a sample here.


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