Must-Visit Sites for Statistics

What is statistics? The term can loosely be defined as mathematics that involve the collecting, interpreting, analyzing and presenting of a large amount of numerical data. Simply put, it is the processing of a great deal of information in a way that presents a complete picture of a particular subject. For instance, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, or BEA, is responsible for using statistical information to determine, among other things, the country’s gross domestic product. Stats show the GDP being increased by about 2.5%.

While that may be interesting for some, the average citizen may shy away from number crunching. Still, there are some great resources on the Web that can demonstrate just how important, useful and fun statistics can be.

Population Information

Whenever considering moving to a new location, there are some statistics to always be aware of. is a very popular website that can shed light on statistical information related to the population, average income, rent, etc. of various areas. If you’re looking to take population stats global, check out Here you learn that the United States is ranked as the third most populated country on Earth. The United States has roughly less than a third of the population of India, which is now ranked second while China is the most populated country on the planet.

If you’re looking to check these numbers in real-time, you should visit Track global births, deaths, book titles published, money spent on video games (over $115,000,000 so far today!) and so much more.

The Census Bureau is also an ideal and reliable source for information about population.

On Crime and Safety

Few statistics are as compelling to the public as those determining the crime rate and safety of different locations. While the previously mentioned City-Data has a section of its site devoted to this, a statistics site more specific to crime is the popular This site reveals the data regarding different crimes in a particular location over a period of time. relies a bit more on reports through local police departments, making its data less detailed. However, the information that is available is very illuminating.

If you’re concerned about safety as it relates to flying, there are stats at that might interest you. As for determining which states are safest according to the number of occupation-related injuries and fatalities, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides these numbers for each state.

Sports Related

These statistics could be considered less serious to anyone who isn’t a sports fan. However, when you really want to know how your favorite player or team is doing, they can be very relevant. Baseball statistics are among the most well-known sports statistics, and the official site features sortable baseball statistics. For more general sports stats, is ideal.

All About Politics

Whenever election time rolls around, statistics representing the chances of those running for office are everywhere. Over the past couple of presidential election cycles, has come to the foreground due to the brilliant use of statistics to predict election results with startling accuracy.

Fun Statistic Sites to Visit

If you’re not looking for any particular statistical information, but would love some fun statistic sites to check out, be sure to visit, or There are even statistics games available for kids at

No matter what the topic is, it is likely to have statistics of some sort related to it. Whether you are looking for fun, a school project, or creating an info graphic or report for work, these sites can help you find the right stats. Number crunching can seem daunting, but statistics often provides a convenient way to learn more about our world and each other.