Private Schools and Public Schools: Which is Better? 15 Attributes to Consider

Are you trying to decide between public and private schools for your children’s education? While both types of schools can offer good training, there are some key differences that you should consider before making your decision. Read on to find out.

Parents and guardians work hard at any cost, having the authority and means to provide a better future for their family and children. They carry out or perform an action towards achieving a goal by sending their children to better schools to gain better education.

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We can scarcely ideate on a very short time what the scientists and experts in some remote futurity with an instance of deliberation, think of the schools, education and civilization with its verified occurrence at the dawn of the 21st century of a Christian era of human history.

Parents’ Role

Parents are inevitably the ones constructively devising the components needed for the betterment of their children. They make remarkably out of the ordinary plans for the whole family, children and kids’ education in the near foreseeable future. Both the mother and father work together hand in hand—longing, craving and working as one with conscious best efforts toward something that promises attainment of happiness and good education for their kids.

Secure, stable and evincing healthy sound kids are showered with an outpouring of affection, overwhelming assurance of trust and affection, motivation or inspiring confidence and showing endless parental moral support from parents and family. It is through a healthy, strong emotional bond with family and the Lord that children respond positively. A good family bond develops not only develops the children’s IQ, but also EQ that lead to emotional well-being and social development.

In accustomed procedure, it’s the parents who make proviso for the sustenance of the basic needs of children, and the sensible definite awareness of a state of security, safe harbor, comfort, strength. Hope, cheer and refuge in the mother and parents can adequately equip and bring them closer to the Lord. It is our beloved mother (with grandma’s help) who was basically our first teacher who has lovingly and patiently taught us her children on how to read, write, draw, appreciate music and pray at all times.

Healthy attachment, via attuned with healthy parenting, equips the children for future resilience, attainment of goals, psychological and physiological healthy state of kids.

Significance of Schools and Parents on Learners

Today, Children are Learners; Tomorrow, they are Leaders

In lieu of this famous legacy quote from Plato—Yeah, indeed it’s a gigantic role of parents, guardians and schoolteachers to hone students so that they eventually become a productive, contributing member of the society.

Educational institutions do well today, and tomorrow there are essential things that could be done better, for some room for more development and more improvements as we live in an ever-constant evolving society. Henceforth, educators and school institutions all together must be adept with the continual changes and developments to be at par with the relatively high levels of civilization.

Education, love of the family and relationship in God all together poses a very significant tool to prepare children for their future role as leaders of the community.

The varied options for parents and students on choosing what school to select can be overwhelming— hence, fret not as this article intends to greatly assist you.

What does the future hold for you and your children?

Private Schools and Public Schools: Which is Better? 15 Attributes to Consider

What is the difference between the two—private schools and public schools? What are the determining attributes for better or excellent schools? What are the factors of a great educational institution for your kids?

Considering many potential private schools and exclusive schools, which one is best really for your children? How much does it really cost parents to enroll kids in private schools and is it worth it?

Private Schools and Public Schools: Which is Better? 15 Terrific Attributes

I list the following attributes in both private and public schools based on my experience and perspective on the difference between these two education delivering institutions.

5 Benefits of Private Schools

  1. Private schools rev up a well establish quality in teaching. It encourages a grade of excellence having a bountiful resource and a high degree or superiority of the gained skills of the learners. Students adequately gain, commit to memory and learn by heart more with high end methodologies. It subsequently provided them with something useful for enhancement of their intellectual development and come out much highly skilled with advance educational books, raised to a higher grade of components in textbooks and advance educational materials and facilities.
  2. Private schools encourage quality education. This distinguishing attribute is the emphasis on directed attention and educators can focus more on helping the students consisting only of a few numbers of learners. Occurring naturally for private schools consists of approximately 15 to 25 students per classroom. Henceforth, educators can speed the learning process and can closely guide and explain to students thoroughly the points of interest in learning. Teachings can be very precise and with leaners much attentive to details and can further conduct a one-on-one class discussion which facilitates first in rank education. Professional Individual attention or professional, personalized attention is an integral portion of what you are paying for as a parent. Not densely populated classroom conveys a hindrance to the inclination of ailments to spread.
  3. Outstanding school facilities from the private schools are something that make learning and action or course of conduct of teaching easier. Ambiance is substantially comfy and conducive to maneuver with ease on standardized learning. They provide more commendable science laboratories, music studio, arts, sports center, computer laboratories, and huge libraries. [I remembered how I and colleagues love the 4 Storey library of Ateneo De Davao University where we had an ample time reading a multifold of books from 1st floor to the next.] Many of the private schools are sustainable, which teaches responsibility within the larger global community.
  4. Private schools are notably stricter and stringent in control and school policies, yet largely acknowledge the needs and individuality of each student. Prudence, in the management interest and rules, connotes more disciplined students, orderly and prescribed conduct. These schools are compliant to act under the premium standards and norms in the society.
  5. The private school students are more likely to give heed and attend universities in college to pursue their goals in life. They are absolutely trained to be dedicated, and properly motivated, guided with honing their skills, and interests and equally brainy responsible peers are a good influence on studying more and more, further helps enhance and carve talents and skills of each in the circle of friends or among the group mates.

5 De Minimis of Public Schools

  1. In a crude fashion, there are a fairly large important in effect about 35 to 55 students per classroom in public schools. That’s indeed a surmountable figure to sufficiently handle and or manage effectively for a teacher alone every day. Teachers can’t apparently bring into alignment and adequately converge ideas, thoughts and emotions in a perfect manner. Henceforth, it would be entirely challenging for educators to direct one’s essential concentration and attention at an utmost maximum clarity towards teaching.
  2. Public schools tend to have a hampered degree of a deviation from a horizontal sufficient quality in education as educators can’t eventually implement directions, teachings and guidance on the students directly. Let alone conduct a constructive one-on-one discussion and exchange of views, particularly on some significant topics.
  3. Less cause or occasions for expenditures, yet to a higher degree have more designated performance tasks to tackle on a day-to-day basis e.g., cleaning the classrooms, cleaning the school fields, cleaning the school premise, gardening on a hot or high temperature level, etc. Unfortunately, the public school doesn’t have enough funding and or limited resources set aside for special projects, for the beautification, maintenance, cleaning and janitorial services.
  4. Offering a less quick service as they confine public schools within only restricted and limited school facilities. With a bounded school library, students have narrow access to essential books for further learnings, for reference, for school assignments and projects. With relatively less standard school science lab—sufficient learnings are eventually decreased and or rigidly limited.
  5. Public schools’ rampant hard cases on notorious gangsters, mischievous groups and high cases of bullying characterized by overbearing psychological problems arising from family and home environments of students can be provocatively strenuous for the educators and principals alike to govern and work upon all by themselves.

5 Things You Should Know About Private Schools Near You

  1. Private schools, especially high-end schools, can be costly. However, they habitually offer scholarship grants for interested students to adequately learn. There are an inevitable varied options for study grants here and abroad that you can choose from, thus I encourage you to take one if your child is interested.
  2. There are private schools that offers dormitory inside the school premises. Thus, students can save on transportation cost and shun away from heavy traffic. Check the safety and security of the premise too.
  3. Some of the private schools offer exclusive learnings for the students with special needs. Here the children with special needs are given extra care, proper guidance and the best teachings by highly trained professionals who have trainings, education and background in teaching children with special needs.
  4. A few of the private schools offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. The International Baccalaureate or IB program is an international curriculum. It is a very distinguished a kind of comprehensive medium and is based in Switzerland. Advance Program and International Baccalaureate Program IB schools provide well qualified and highly trained educators. If your child has been showing an inclination for further studies, you can always inquire about them directly via their satellite offices or their official websites.
  5. It is imperative that you be heedful if your child is happy in the school, is the school challenging enough for your child’s high IQ and EQ or is it a struggling one, is the school providing the academic and extra-curricular learnings your child wants. Likewise, it’s only compelling that you are watchful and prompt to meet the needed urgency for possible emerging problems. Further, it’s of utmost significance that your child intrinsically is happy in the school and has ample time too to play with kids of their own age on weekends. A great school speaks the language of the students, teachers and family. Pray always for your family. Give praise, give thanks to God Almighty.

What are God’s will for you and your family?

It is the will of God that our children prosper in their education. His utmost will be for us mankind to perfectly experience His will, read His Holy Book and to accept His free gift of salvation found in Lord Jesus.

Proverbs 9: 10 says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Even King Solomon constantly prays to God, in Kings 3:9 Give your servant, therefore, an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?

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