How To Rebuild Life and Economy After A Typhoon

Adopting a critical mind and observing the aftermath of typhoons, the author presents her ideas on how to rebuild life and economy after such a natural disaster. For planners out there in typhoon prone areas like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, here are 5 short term and 12 long-term plans for you to consider. Read on and get ideas you will find handy. – The Editor

The entire universe, with its bulk dimensions, is remarkably created through God’s amazingly imaginative artistic skills and wonderfully perfect in every way.

It comprises a boundless vast space of continent and or landmass, stunning beauty of its greeneries, eminently one of its kind, varied plants and trees, healthy fruits and veggies, a large body of the waters that can be perceived by the eyes near or from afar… a multitude of both the wild animals not ordinarily tamed or domesticated, and farm animals.

Extending beyond something it has a clean fresh air, free from dirt or contamination and disease. A clean fresh air, fresh oxygen that is entirely essential for all human race to BREATHE, LIVE and ENJOY the Gift of Life whilst on earth—and it’s entirely for free.

You can’t just merely breathe on your own to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide through the science of natural processes. Hence, the God Almighty, having the Absolute Power over all, gave you air to breathe and live, the mixture of an invisible odorless gases (oxygen) that surround the earth.

He has it magically purified, the air or oxygen that is entirely essential for you to Live and Be Alive. A chemical element that makes up 21% of earth’s atmosphere that’s wholly active in the physiological processes of all living things, living organisms here on earth.

Our Most High Sovereign Holy Father, particularly for a greater purpose, has magnificently created all of this quantity or state of grandeur in the universe just for us humankind—God’s favored creations. Conforming to a standard of magnanimous correctness and its flawless beauty.

The LORD Almighty has specifically marked by an extreme care in consideration made every distinguished detail so the universal features and settings would be adaptable to an end design for the populace. To enable humankind to survive, our Holy God created an extremely extraordinary world, utterly pleasant and beautiful so you can enjoyably appreciate, taste and fully carry out and bask in its grandeur and ambiance.

Our Most Exalted God specifically placed its entirety, of relating to the body parts of the mainland, the waters, the celestial space, the sun, the moon and the myriad stars so you can have substantial light day or night, and have everything that you could customarily ever want and need. And further endowed you with the distinctive varieties of nutritious herbs, plants, fruits and trees for a sustainable life for humanity.

Yet unfortunately, man is sometimes thrown to some concerns, like the natural calamities that’s entirely beyond control. So we are faced with a dilemma on the aftereffects of calamities. The good thing, though, is that nations help each other in these trying times.

Typhoons devastate coastal areas due to strong winds and storm surges.

So here are short term and long-term plans on how to rebuild life and the economy by harnessing resources available at our disposal.

5 Short-term Strategies on How to Rebuild Life and Economy After a Typhoon

  1. Act on people’s basic needs. Focus and act on the three (3) immediate basic needs of the people in the evacuation areas, the families and places that are directly affected by the typhoon calamity.
  2. Execute the plans. Execute the plans of both your LGU team and private team for charity on clothing and foods. Ensure practical effect, concrete measures and actual fulfillment. Execution of plans for your team for the water supply for a few days or until such a time that the services on water interruption of Water District are back and active once more.
  3. Be mindful of the people’s psychological needs. Organize group dynamics, clinical psychology and counselling, some essential components of light entertainment for all the kids and teens treatment for traumatic experiences brought about by the severe typhoon calamity.
  4. Ensure that light is available. Have solar-powered streetlights or generators to produce emergency electricity for all barangays, towns, evacuation centers, and other affected areas.
  5. Allocate budget. Allocate ahead a sufficient annual budget on specific emergency situations.
How To Rebuild Life and Economy After A Typhoon 1

12 Short-term Strategies on How to Rebuild Life and Economy After a Typhoon

  1. Establish means to support basic needs. Implement means of support or subsistence and workable livelihood programs for everyone. Considering that in the coastal areas the main livelihood is fishing, you can improvise and inculcate more of sustainable livelihood programs.
  2. Establish plant nurseries and fruit farms. Have a sustainable vegetable and fruit farms for every barangay, town, municipality, or city. A usually herbaceous plants such as the bananas, mangoes, avocados, water melon, romaine, lettuce, Chinese pechay, cabbage, beans, cucumber, carrots, potato and sweet potato grown for an edible part of a meal. Plant any of the Kingdom Plantae, multicellular photosynthetic organisms which typically lacking locomotive or sensory organs yet are rich in nutrients that your body needs. Restoration of mangrove plants and beach forests is essential.
  3. Encourage cooperative ventures. Promote local cooperatives in your area for further small scale and big business sustainability.
  4. Earmark budget for calamities. Annual Budget on Emergency Fund, both local and national alike. Have a transparency statement of the financial position of the administration as a local community and as a nation for a definite period based on the estimates of expenditures for food and shelter. Coordinate with the National Housing Authority on how to help the homeless after a severe typhoon has passed. It can be a group of individual dwellings or houses built typically of similar designs.
  5. Harness the sun’s energy. Endeavour to move forward to completion of solar panels. Model and follow other countries abroad who have subsequently successfully completed this method produced by the action of the sun’s ray of light or heat. This is a highly efficient source of sustainable energy, whether hit by a calamity or not.
  6. Promote tourism. Focus on your tourism. Kindly refer to my article on How To Rebuild Economy After Covid-19 Pandemic.
  7. Export local products. Focus on exporting your local products. I describe this strategy in more detail in the same article mentioned in no. 6.
  8. Pool human resources for calamities. Electric power companies must have an adequate workforce pool in emergency cases as this to speed up electric supply repair and maintenance specifically for recurring annual typhoon and floods. This strategy ensures and fast tracks all the electrical works to offset the devastating effects of typhoons.
  9. Engage the help of other towns. Coordinate with electric companies and water district to seek technical help they need from other neighboring towns and places not detrimentally affected by the calamity to provide the support in the repair and restoration right away.
  10. Seek the help of experts. Hire pragmatic scientist and experts on this concern. They have science-backed ideas and the skill set to help with disaster-related issues and concerns.
  11. Replant and regrow for the future generations. We only have one mother earth. Prohibit cutting down of trees and illegal mining. Penalize those who are found guilty of these unsustainable practices. Implement Project Green! Think Green. Live Green! Let’s do it!
  12. Pray. We have a merciful, loving Almighty Father. The following bible verses can effectively allay your fears and difficulty during difficult times like experiencing the onslaught of typhoons and their aftermath:

For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life; &that they may have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

Wow, you’ve read it right—our LORD Jesus came down here on earth so you may have LIFE and have it in abundance!

Prior to the existence of humankind, the world is 100% water. Henceforth, our Mighty Sovereign Father in all His Might, Glory and Honor, because of our circumstance, has tender heartedly created the enormous landmasses in between so you as a human being can dwell and have life in it.

Humankind astonishingly lives fully with vigor as male and female monarchs of a major territorial unit. Relatively, it’s like winning a substantial amount of shekels in a raffle draw.

So why does our Holy God bother at all and make endless astonishing fuss for people? Candidly, it’s all because of God’s endless LOVE, MERCY and unfathomable FORBEARANCE. We’re all just temporarily passing here on earth as VIP guests with special privileges found alone in Jesus Christ our Savior.

So let’s take good care of our Mother Nature because we don’t own it, it belongs to God. If you aspire for a total healing for your land and people, turn to God, turn to LORD Jesus — there’s no other way. It’s the only way.

Praying everyone, every people, every nation can bounce back after each calamity.


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