Impact of COVID-19: Thought-Provoking Negative and Positive Effects

What is the impact of COVID-19 pandemic? The author shares her views on the long-standing effects of the pandemic on people’s lives all over the world—both the negative and the positive impacts. Are these views similar to yours? – Editor

In the realm of sensible conscious events that make up an individual’s life, which the Covid-19 Pandemic has vehement aftereffects, every inhabitant of the city and of towns in this period experienced extreme challenges.

A legion of the commoners, the masses, and the typical common people flock on to their homes, an ample populace were profoundly laid-off from their respective regular remunerative job positions.

On a higher level, a multitude of the industrial world, the commercial and industrialized businesses, either operating on a limited scale or operating on a large scale, were deeply scarred.

A significant body of the corporate world has excruciatingly brought its operational activities to an abrupt end. Formerly known as extremely hustling bustling marked by much life and activities, large or undersized cities and roads have been deprived of incumbent occupants. The uncanny knack for the oblivion and absence of the regularity of noise can be felt from the mainland to its high seas, from the main roads to the diminutive alleys in the cities and urban life.

Momentarily, schools in many countries had to suspend its operational activities in the buildings and offices too. Everything else came to an extent consummate stand still. All that’s of significance and all that exists has vehemently approached an overbearing stoppage through and through altogether.

A massive global outbreak arises from the Covid-19 pandemic in an instant realm. The kids and adults alike simply all together catapulted into remaining the whole time of the day at their own homes and heed restrictions and curfews, suspensions, enforcement of judicial order.

The pandemic impact of COVID-19 had been so great on people’s life that ultimately changed the way the world operates.

Categories of Impact of COVID-19

An elderly couple wearing masks in a park shows the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives.

I describe the four categories of the pandemic impact on people’s lives, namely:

  1. psychological
  2. environmental
  3. spiritual, and
  4. economic

Psychological Impact of COVID-19

Here are three psychological effects of the pandemic on families.

  1. Loneliness. Kids, teens, and adults alike have somewhat encountered loneliness, stress and depression. This is a melancholic state of being. A state of feeling ultimately sad and low in spirits. A state of mood disorder followed that is being marked by varying degrees of deep sadness, despair and that’s typically accompanied by consecutive inactivity, guilt, loss of concentration, social withdrawal that may sometimes lead to suicidal tendencies. However, the younger generations appeared to have suffered more than older adults who are more resilient to loneliness and depression (Palgi et al., 2020, Wickens et al., 2021).
  2. Negativity. Some typically experience the act of processing of direct negativity in life marked by a series of extreme social withdrawal and symptoms of pessimism in every single turn of sequential events. In an organismic state, wholly characterized by the capacity of its metabolism for growth and negative reaction to stimulus. Further, people felt hapless and don’t know how to seize and take a balancing hold on life, had supreme difficulty to grapple and tackle life in this abrupt unforeseen excruciating series of events from pandemic.
  3. Feeling of isolation. The turn of events has affected extroverts more, as containment means isolation (Cordero 2021). They have been accustomed to habitual socialization as a way of living and have to adapt to meet their social needs, particularly their need for interaction.
Impact of COVID-19: Thought-Provoking Negative and Positive Effects 1

Environmental Impact of COVID-19

  1. Planting activities have become more common. The fundamental majority of the populace were now inspired and hearken to engage in the act and activity or pastime of a passive gardening and planting in their own rooftop, or garden and backyard this pandemic outbreak. Planting and cultivating gardens, or backyards and farms, were now the swarming trend in town, in the whole wide universe.
  2. Recuperating environment. With the recurring gardening and planting of the great individuals, mother 🌍 earth has been recuperating too. This ultimately results in a sound healthy breathable oxygen, the chemical elements that make up 21% of the atmosphere on earth and all its living things sustaining from it. Promoting a pure, free from any pollution and contaminations, a relatively better cleaner air and a better cleaner environment for us humankind and the next generations to come.
  3. Better health. This health beneficial advancement, which partly because of a few good men of geniuses with the replanting, gardening and global environmental concerns or energetic actions and vigorous activities, results in a positive one for humankind’s good cardiovascular system. The conditioning of being healthily sound in the physical body, mind and spirit results in seeing more of health conscious individuals and see the side of the widening significance of the vegan world and a healthy diet. Thinking green, living green. Go world, let’s do it!

Spiritual Impact of COVID-19

  1. Reduced church attendees. A significant drop in only some parts of the world in their church attendees characterize most places. A few others eventually grow cold in their spiritual relationship with the LORD in the transformation from physical Sunday Service to an online Sunday Service.
  2. Renewed spirituality. Whilst a significant number of people turn to God with the recurring Covid-19 outbreak, making people have self actualization and self realization that we are 100% hapless without God. More and more souls now call on our Mighty God, rely solely and to gain an amazing confidence in a Sovereign God. With people staying at home, the outcome is ultimately great as people learn to value prayers and the One who can only give them true joy and happiness and the amazing power and mercy of God.

Economic Impact of COVID-19

Worldwide, economic stability has become submerged and sunk. Large and small-scale businesses cease operational activities. Nationwide stores closed down, agricultural products went to a standstill, export and import of goods drop, making the structure of economic life in countries struggle excruciatingly.

A massive high rise in unemployment resulting in a suicidal national budget and nations have to borrow more on the World Bank on top of its existing loans, making the nations financially sink to a deeper pitfall. This is a period of a threat on an intensive economic depression.

Because of the prolific rise in a global unemployment, a multifold of families are left to perish from the lack of food on the table and intense cold from hunger. Nations befallen to a pitiable state of universal distress from hunger.

The poor became poorer whilst the rich became richer, e.g. the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy stores; companies that manufacture billions of face masks and face shields, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, disinfectant products, vitamin C, oxygen, hospitals, and a lot more.

Despite of this universal regression and negative effects on the economy—online businesses have interestingly thrived and progress toward its goal to gain wealth like the Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, eBay and many others. Grab Food Delivery, Food panda Food delivery, LBC, JT Express and a lot more of the courier industry, etc. achieve economic success and become stronger and continuously flourish in the event.


Have a support group of family and friends, engage in regular exercise twice a week, take part in outdoor sports, invest in online business, and widen your horizon in business. And most important, never just rely on your salary alone. Read more motivational articles, books and process positivity in life. Keep on praying regularly.

Helpful Bible Verses to Become More Resilient to the Pandemic

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Isaiah 40:29

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41: 10

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