13 Ways on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

For those who yearn to start the year hopefully towards economic recovery in a new workplace, here’s how to prepare for a job interview. The following 13 job interview tips from someone who’s an HR officer herself will help you get ahead of the pack.

Coming entirely subjected to a special process of thorough preparation for an interview is inevitable. Obtaining the job successfully among the other applicants relies on good planning.

Just like when a soldier engages on the battlefield, he comes wholly prepared and geared up with his armory, guns, and bullets to win the warfare for his beloved country and his sworn duty. Being fully prepared for war paves the ultimate avenue towards his triumphant accomplishments.

Correspondingly, the same goes with job interviews of today. You need to plan, and work out the details, not just to make progress but eventually succeed. That’s the sure way to embark on your reveries and dream job, thereby having a better future in the corporate world.

Where your savvy skills and training are physiologically needed, there you will gradually unfold, hone and grow career-wise over time. 

And yeah, just as a humble David came prepared on the battlefield with just his steadfast faith in God, his humble guts and weapon a simple slingshot, he was able to defeat the opponent—an almost insurmountable giant Goliath—and bring victory upon victory throughout the land of Israel—God’s people.

God uses ordinary people like David, using unremarkable things like a slingshot, to make His plans succeed—all for His Glory so that no one will boast.

And he did pray. Thus a prayer warrior of God unquestionably plays an indication of a significant role in one’s life, be it in ancient days and beyond, and yes, even in job interviews. Thus praying before job interviews is essential too.

13 Things to Do Prior to the Job Interview

The following job interview tips before and on the day of the interview will prove handy.

5 Job Interview Tips Before the Day of the Interview

  1. Prepare ahead what you’ll be wearing at the specified time and day of the interview. Shun away from wearing flamboyant and decorative clothing but go for a prim, professional formal one. Remember you are not going to a mall or to a party but a corporate world. Be thoughtful and subdued in your appearance and manner.
  2. No exterior flaws should show on your shoes. Clean it beforehand. Cleanliness is one good trait that will surely benefit you. Personal cleanliness is one of the necessary agents to good health. You ought to equate cleanliness with a virtue.
  3. Plan out a few, helpful “Q & As.” This strategy will adequately come in handy and ensure your preparedness. Focus more on your skills, strengths, and cunning. Anticipate more formal ways to evaluate your qualifications.
  4. Go to the place of your interview before the specified day to know its exact location. Being familiar with the interview venue will save you time—as you know beforehand where to primarily go to on the big day and calculate the distance and travel time.
  5. Diligently collect info and research about the culture and history of the company to come prepared in the instance that the HR and or the panel interviewees pop up a question and further interrogate you on this. Your knowledge will be a huge plus factor for you, a fundamental indicator that you’re undeniably interested in the business company that you are applying for.
After the job interview (Image source: https://xkcd.com/1293).

8 Job Interview Tips on the Day of the Interview

  1. Pray. Have faith in our Big God. He has faith in you. Then you will call on Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you (Job 22:27).
  2. Bring a pen for a feasible IQ Test and Personality Test. Approximately companies also have their job aspirants fill up their company’s standardized HR forms. Thus be spontaneously ready.
  3. Come on time or 30 minutes ahead before your schedule of the interview. Tardiness exhibits and reveals one’s negative behavior. It indicates a not-so-serious-minded employee who has a flippant attitude.
  4. Come in business attire. Point out you certainly purport business and are ready to move ahead in your great career!
  5. Greet the HR and or Panel of Interviewers. Briefly shake hands professionally.
  6. Look them in the eyes. Maintain eye to eye contact. Doing so significantly indicates your focus and attentiveness.
  7. Ask them relevant questions about their business firm after their questioning and or their series of Q & A interviews.
  8. Say Thank You after the interview. And graciously leave.

Don’t execute any concern and fret whether you’re not 100% proficient in your English grammar and language. What’s essential is you have a heart, your passion for the job you’re applying for, your competency, capabilities, and your delivery of coherent thoughts.

Remember, the Human Resource (HR) team not to intensely grill you, but to 

  1. have a better understanding of you,
  2. recognize your nature as a person and decipher your capabilities and character as a whole, 
  3. discern who’s who, who possesses a good character, and 
  4. identify the suitable candidate for the role or position.

Relax. The company has called you up for an interview, which implies that you have the skills that interest them—that you have talents and has traits that make you a possible candidate for the job they’re substantially looking for.

So focus on your strengths and capabilities. Relax. Just be the natural you and nail it!!

Added Recommendations

  1. While waiting for your turn along with the other set of applicants and somehow you got nervy—just bite the tip or the middle of your tongue, counting 1 to 7. Repeat one more time as this brief thing releases the tension and helps you get back in focus.
  2. Again. Just be you naturally. Remember, you are a unique individual.

Happy Job Hunting. God speed!


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