Two Ultimate Reasons Why We Celebrate A Universal Christmas

This article explains why we celebrate Christmas the way we do since our birth. Read on and be in the know.

Although people from all walks of life have different traditions, different beliefs, and different cultures all over the world, yet the entire Universe temporarily came to a big halt and annually celebrates two significant gatherings on exactly the same day:

  1. Holy Week. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Holy Week.
  2. Christmas Season. The Birth of our LORD on Christmas Time.

Ten (10) Magical teeny weeny Fingers, Ten (10) Magical teeny weeny Toes … on Christmas He significantly came for a reason. On Easter He Significantly rose for a reason. Truly your life is a gift.

The month of December certainly is the most bustling one among the rest of the whole year-round. People everywhere engaged in a variety of vibrant activities. Truly the most wonderful time of the year for everyone!

Two Ultimate Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas: A Universal One

  1. A celebration of God’s Love for us His creation. The Forgiving, the Fatherly concern, and The Unfathomable Love of our Holy God for humankind. A Family is L-O-V-E. As human beings with emotions and feelings, we value our tradition and culture of celebrating Christmases for decades and decades. Moreover, we traditionally practice grateful hearts for all the Blessings God has endowed us and for all God’s bounty for the harvest the whole year round—all because of God’s love for us. Thus we celebrate Christmases with family and friends.
  2. A Celebration of the Birth of Jesus and Salvation. Jesus is the reason for the season—and the Salvation He is offering humankind. Total deliverance from the power and effects of sin. The precious blood of our Heavenly LORD Jesus has to transpire here on earth so that you will be forgiven for your sins and deemed worthy to enter God’s Kingdom. Not your works, neither your profession, power, or money BUT by the blood of Jesus, so no one can boast.

It’s the season of strong affection for another arising from the kinship of personalities and blood relations, a season of family get together and clan reunions. Plus, Christmas won’t be complete without love and the spirit of gift-giving. ‘Tis the season to release from the 12 months of stressful work, so you need to unwind and relax with the family. A season of thanksgiving. And a prayer expressing humble gratitude to the Mighty One and sharing good cheers with family and friends wherein everyone gathers for endless festivities for the holidays.

A family posing for a picture on a long farm cart.

All the stores and the malls in town delicately produce items and come up with numerous ideas to make a significant Christmas atmosphere for the people who come. They make it easier for busy people to select excellent gift items. The best integral element is that they customarily have upgraded Christmas perks and promos a Christmas treat, Christmas staging promotional giveaways for you. Indeed, a marvelous bonus experience for you when you shop with them.

Malls usually go on a “3-Day Mall Wide Sale.” The three-day sale provides ample time for busy people—the employees from the corporate world—to purchase gift items after work. Malls go on a lengthy all month of December sale from 20%-50% off. With sensational, beautifully adorned malls, colorful Christmas decors, and unbelievable shapes of Christmas lights that exceedingly look delightfully relaxing to the nexus eyes both to the children and the adults alike.

People flock to groceries or malls to buy food for their family reunions, social gatherings, Noche Buena, and thanksgiving dinner. Usually, a student choir marvelously serenades the mall-goers with Xmas songs on stage.
There’s an indescribable joy in Christmas giving. ‘Tis the season of giving and receiving of gifts, a measurable period for reconciliation for roughened relationships or broken marriages or tie up connections with siblings and a great time for visiting cousins, siblings and parents near or afar, the camaraderie, the delectable Xmas dishes carefully prepared by each of the family…but most of all a lifetime reason to be with God.

There’s no greater gift one can obtain than being reconciled and harmonized with God Almighty thru Our LORD Jesus— the Ultimate Reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Share Christmas memories and family traditions yet focus on the gift of Christ.


  1. Amidst these endless festivities in this world, let’s not forget that the most precious gift came in a manger and shed His precious blood on the cross for your Salvation—which is a gift for anyone who humbly seeks Him. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. The season of an in-depth spiritual awakening in Jesus our Lord.
  2. If you have an elderly neighbor, give them a knock and a gift. Bring them some food this Christmas season.
  3. Buy gifts from the locals—from the local farmers—from local products for sustainability purposes of our country’s economy. Help uplift your country’s economy by patronizing your products during these pandemic times. Go local, Go organic!
  4. A bit of thrifting is kinder to your wallet too. And economize, save money for emergency purposes. 😊

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