Natural Remedies for Asthma: Five Helpful Ways

The author shares 5 natural remedies for asthma based on experience through the years. Discover the natural approaches including eating the common pomelo that you never knew has healing properties. Read on to find out. – Editor

During my childhood days, my beautiful and kindhearted grandma would perpetually say that in ancient times up to their time as history unfolds—there never was any clinic or hospital, or even a pharmacy. It’s profoundly the integral natural methods and the healing wonders of medicinal herbs that keep them healthy.

I didn’t believe it then myself, not until I have discovered for myself the exact healing wonders of POMELO (Citrus maxima) fruit. So glad was I to even have a genius friend who also shares similar health views in line with mine on this regard, who also loves to eat pizza, ice cream, and veggies like me.

I came from a family and clan of medical doctors from my grandpa to my aunt, cousins and siblings, and even niece and nephews, BUT this is what I have experienced myself—the healing wonders of natural ways.

I’ve never been diagnosed before as an asthmatic person, yet about more or less 10 years ago, our family doctor told me that I have asthma—like my mother. “Nagreseta si Doc ng Salbutamol, spray, etc. sa ‘kin” (the doctor prescribed Salbutamol, spray, etc.) which I took daily for a year. Further, I was told that my condition will be for a lifetime.

I was wholly diligent in following the doctor’s prescription in having my daily asthma medications but only for a year. I followed my instincts and shifted to the remedy my ever-loving mother did, who is also an asthmatic person like me. She taught me one of the biggest life lessons on how to effectively deal with asthma the natural way.

I have seen and observed how the technique has always successfully addressed her asthma; so I decided to take a big leap and try it myself. Hello to the natural remedies for asthma and bye to over-the-counter pharmaceutical medicines.

Now, here’s my mother’s easy but helpful tips on natural remedies for asthma.

Step 1: Five Natural Remedies for Asthma

I describe below my mother’s five easy but helpful tips on how to treat asthma the natural way.

If asthma has just started on Day 1, do the following:

  1. Promptly take Vitamin C once a day for a day or two or until asthma disappears.
  2. Slice a peeled POMELO fruit into three (3) pieces, one (1) every after a meal, three times (3x) a day. Eat the first part right after breakfast, another at lunchtime, and the last one on your dinner. POMELO serves as your fruit dessert after eating meals.
  3. Drink a lot of water the usual way, or 5 to 6 glasses of water per day.
  4. Exercise daily. Walk for 30 minutes once or twice a week in the morning.
  5. Pray. Have faith in the LORD’s Mighty Healing Hands.

Step 2: Five Follow-up Natural Remedies for Asthma

If asthma recurs for a week or two, do the following

  1. Pronto, take Vitamin C once a day for a week or two or till the cough or asthma disappears.
  2. Have three (3) Peeled Whole POMELOS. One (1) whole POMELO each thrice a day, right after every meal—1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, and 1 for dinner.
  3. Drink plenty of water the usual way, 5 glasses a day or more the better.
  4. Continue to exercise daily. Walk for 30 minutes once or twice a week in the morning. Have a minimal, moderate routine exercise.
  5. Pray. There is Power in the Blood Of our LORD Jesus Christ.

My mother candidly follows these five, easy and simple steps, and voila!, her asthma heals miraculously!!! I have done this myself and am truly grateful to our Heavenly LORD that my asthma is gone.

I am now healed from my asthma. It’s been 7 years already that I am free from it. I am not taking any of those asthma medications anymore—all by God’s grace and loving mercy I was truly healed the natural way, the herbal medicines way.

The LORD has majestically endowed us His creations with plants and trees for food and herbal medicines, it’s just for us to rediscover the herbal medicines that have been existing predominantly in ancient times.

Figure 1. Pomelo tree with fruits and the juicy flesh (inset).


Here are my recommendations for you based on my experience:

  1. It will be much better if you can eat more POMELOS a day as it can balance your immune system and speed up the body’s recovery process. Once the cough or asthma has started on Day1, do the tips to keep your condition from getting worse.
  2. Plant a Pomelo tree in your garden, in your backyard, and even at your farm if asthma runs in your family bloodline.
  3. Guavas, Guyabano (soursop), Lemon, Pineapple, and Calamansi are also good sources of Vitamin C which you can have on regular days for prevention purposes. Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) will do if guavas, guyabano, and lemon are not available.
  4. You can also plant calamansi on giant pots or better yet in your garden and your backyard.
  5. For all mommies out there, you can place a clean bond paper at the back of your son, instead of a small towel as the paper absorbs your child’s sweat much better. This is what my mother usually does to all her grandkids who are all active in sports and even to us her grown-up children.
  6. Have a fresh citrus drink. A pitcher of water, a slice of cucumber, with a slice of 🍋 lemon (or one or two calamansi) on regular days for a better immune system.

Eating more POMELO bolsters back your average breathing again. Pomelo loosens phlegm, and relieves cough, for it contains a variety of vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorous aside from reducing sugar in your blood. This fruit is a rich source of natural antioxidants. The peel of the white variety possesses higher antioxidant properties than the pink ones (Toh, 2013).

Nothing beats a mother’s love and care for her young ones—for all her doings is irreplaceable. I’m truly grateful for all the lessons and tender loving care she has showered us her family and she lavishly passed on to us all her children and even to all her grandkids all her accumulated knowledge like the natural remedies for asthma.

As the old folks say, MOTHERS KNOW BEST!

Shout out to all the mothers out there, you are under God’s care too for all your loving sacrifices for the family.

Vitamin C and Tropical Citrus Fruits—Your Absolute Protective Armor to Fight Asthma! SO SUIT UP! GEAR UP! and FORWARD MARCH to a New Healthier YOU!

If symptoms persist after two weeks, see your family doctor. It is best to consult a medical professional in conjunction with your home remedies.


Toh, J. J., Khoo, H. E., & Azrina, A. (2013). Comparison of antioxidant properties of pomelo [Citrus Grandis (L) Osbeck] varieties. International Food Research Journal, 20(4).

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