What is the Topic Sentence, Paragraph Unity (TSPU) Writing Technique?

Have you heard or read about the so-called TSPU writing technique? This acronym stands for Topic Sentence, Paragraph Unity. Read on to know details about this simple but effective way of writing.

Whenever I read and write articles or research papers for that matter, I always remind myself of the TSPU writing technique. TSPU is acronym for Topic Sentence, Paragraph Unity. I couldn’t exactly remember where I got this idea. It must have been a technical writing book I read several years back. And I was glad I read that book.

There is nothing new about this technique. It’s just easy to recall and apply in your writing making you more effective in putting your ideas across. Thus, I always recommend this way of writing to my students who usually have a hard time making themselves clear. Once they apply the TSPU writing technique, I can read and comprehend their composition better.

So how does the TSPU writing technique work? To make things clear, examples with explanations is the norm.

Example of the TSPU Writing Technique

Well, I just have given you an example of the TSPU writing technique in the way I write this article. If you examine closely the structure of the paragraphs I wrote, you will notice that I start off with the main idea in the first sentence of each paragraph I write. I then expound or explain the first sentences in the succeeding sentences that I write.

The first sentence of the paragraph refers to the topic sentence. Some writers call it the lead sentence. This sentence is the very first sentence of a written composition. This is the most crucial part of the paragraph as it can make or break your research paper, essay, or article. Thus, the topic sentence should be well thought out and interesting.

How do you make sure that the topic sentence is interesting? The expected result is that your readers will want to read the paragraph, the next one, and then the rest of the write-up.

How will you know that your audience read the paper or composition that you wrote? Google Analytics makes assessment or evaluation of your writing possible. Reader behavior translates into a low bounce rate, meaning, readers stick to your article and read it right to the bottom. If they are uninterested, they will just skim through your article in a few seconds then click away to find other articles.

How about the paragraph unity in the TSPU writing technique? What does it mean? Paragraph unity simply means that whatever you write after the topic sentence should be related to it. All sentences after the topic sentence should support, clarify, describe, or give details on the idea expressed in that first sentence. Thus, paragraph unity is achieved.

Now, the rest is up to you. Develop your writing style. Your writing style will show to your audience your personality and your view of the world.

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By Regoniel, Patrick

Dr. Patrick A. Regoniel is a graduate school professor of Palawan State University. He loves writing about a wide range of topics under the sun. Aside from blogging and writing books, he tinkers with LaTeX codes, does systems analysis, layouts books and instructional materials, tweaks his websites, engages in photography and editing svg, jpeg and png files, does a little QGIS mapping, did some SCUBA diving for work and pleasure, runs 3 miles 3-4 times a week, and ah well... cooks on the sides. :-)

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