Milestone for SimplyEducate.Me: 1,312 Subscribers and Counting

Dear Readers/Subscribers,

SimplyEducate.Me has reached a milestone of more than a thousand subscribers; that’s 1,312 to be exact at the time of posting this note. The site has also gained a Google Page Rank of 2 in a little over than a year. This means that it has become a good source of information on research, statistics and the environment. Google has indexed more than 1,600 urls in this site.

What topics are popular in SimplyEducate.Me?

According to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), the search query phrase that gets the most traffic is “qualities of a good researcher.”  This query lands the readers to the article 5 Qualities of a Good Researcher. The article must have encouraged them to go on with their research venture and encourage others; the reason five of them took the initiative of sharing it on Facebook and one on Twitter. And of course, the number of subscribers indicate that readers find the site helpful.

Popular sites are also linking with the homepage or its articles. As of recent update in GWT, SimplyEducate.Me has gained 426 links, many coming from, a high-ranking site that linked with the article on mind mapping as a research tool.

I would say that SimplyEducate.Me has fulfilled its goal of delivering easily understandable articles in a down-to-earth mode, and in a conversational way. More than 100 easy-to-understand articles have been written thus far since this site started in October 2012. And more will be coming …

I have compiled and edited many of the articles posted in this site along with those I have written in other free article directories and came up with a book. This will be available in this site as an e-book in the next few weeks if time and chance permit. This will spare the reader from going through the articles piecemeal on topics that he or she would like to read about, learn or simply enjoy. That will definitely save time surfing the web. Time is a valuable resource especially for busy people.

Thank you for bringing this site up in the Google page ranking. I’m glad that SimplyEducate.Me helped serve your needs.

I also thank contributors to the site who did their best to write insightful articles that users find helpful. May you be inspired to write more.

Your comments will be valuable feedback that will help this site grow further and become more relevant. Stay tuned for more easy-to-understand, down-to-earth, and original articles in SimplyEducate.Me.   🙂

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