How to Come Up With Original Ideas: Try This

Running out of ideas? Creative thinking can arise using a creative approach. Try this exercise and you’ll discover there’s another world of untapped consciousness out there.

One of the challenges researchers face when pursuing a subject that will be the topic of their investigation is to come up with original ideas or something nobody has ever done yet. Original ideas prevent duplication of effort. How can one come up with an original idea?

At this time of writing, I felt tired of having to write and fix my eyes in front of the screen. The laptop computer’s glare and screen brightness make my eyes tired. “Is there any other way I can compose something without tiring my eyes,” I thought. And it did occur to me; why not try something new.

[I closed my eyes and rested the back of my head on the top rail of the chair I was typing the next sentences.]

Since I can type without looking at the keyboard, I embarked on something which I believe nobody has done before. And that is, to type what I have in mind without looking at my computer’s screen. Why not mimic a person who is blind?


How can a blind person write? This was a problem solved through the use of braille. My only guide in writing this piece are the two protrusions of the letters f and j on the keyboard. In fact, I could not easily remember that I am hitting these two keys as I type by touch.

I just close my eyes and rest the back of my head on the top of the back support of a chair (which I later identified and named appropriately as the rail) as I hit the keys thinking I will edit my work after having written at least the ideal number of words an article should contain.

Now, I realized that I can actually write something even at this position, letting the mind flow, with eyes closed and feeling the keys with the tips of my fingers.

I can hear the sound of the television set, the sound of conversation next to our house and even my breath. I’m in a different world.

Have you ever tried this? I bet you did not. And this is one of the original ideas I came up as I explore topics to write about. I have a different consciousness and I feel that this will be one of the strategies that I will be using to compose some of my articles from now on. My eyes are rested and I can compose something and focus clearly what’s in my mind.

Now, I open my eyes and conclude everything. I came up with something new. Now, I can write using a whole new perspective and get rested at the same time.

Now, try this new idea and I’m sure it’s an original one:

Write with your eyes closed and feel the keyboard. Your eyes are rested and your senses become much more sensitive. New ideas present themselves and your brain reboots once again and help you compose things in your head.

New strategies in doing things like this can help you think clearly and that’s a whole new world to explore. There’s another dimension unraveled with this writing approach.

© 2013 September 30 P. A. Regoniel