How to Write and Publish an eBook for Free: 9 Surefire Tips to Get You Started

How do you write and publish an eBook for free? For those looking for ways to earn additional income to ...
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running shape

Getting Back Into Running Shape During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Five Good Reasons Why You Should Run in the Sports Complex

How do you get back into running shape during the pandemic? Where do you usually do your running? Here are ...
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Blended Website Learning Model: Excellent Solution to Forced Online Education Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is the blended website learning model? This article explains this innovative teaching approach using the latest technology in online ...
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Contents 1

Quantitative Research Design: Four Common Ways to Collect Your Data Efficiently

What is the quantitative research design? Why is the research design needed? What are the four main types of quantitative ...
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nonparametric statistics

Nonparametric Statistics: Five Commonly Used Nonparametric Tests and Their Selection

What is nonparametric statistics? What are five commonly used nonparametric tests, and when do you use them? This article provides ...
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nonparametric tests

Nonparametric Tests: 8 Important Considerations in Using Them

Why use nonparametric tests? When are these statistical tests used? This article aims to answer these questions. As a student ...
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coral reef

Tropical Ecosystems: 17 Ecosystems in Jeopardy

What ecosystems are found in the tropics? What are the unique characteristics of each ecosystem? This article lists 17 tropical ...
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natural resources

Environmental and Natural Resources: 3 Key Differences

What is the difference between environmental and natural resources? This article attempts to answer this question for lack of coherent ...
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economic value

Economic Valuation of Environmental and Natural Resources: Antidote to Wanton Destruction of the Environment

What is the economic valuation of environmental and natural resources? How does man's use of environmental and natural resources impact ...
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parametric tests

Parametric Statistics: Four Widely Used Parametric Tests and When to Use Them

What is parametric statistics and when do you use them? Here are four widely used parametric tests and tips on ...
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mouse deer

Normal Population Distribution: Mouse Deer Example

Parametric statistics requires a normal population distribution. For a newbie in statistics, what does normal population mean? This article explains ...
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a good statistical question

Three Tips on How to Write a Good Statistical Question

I noticed that even if my undergraduate students have finished their college degrees ending with a thesis, many of them ...
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education 4.0

Education 4.0: Forced Educational Mode During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is Education 4.0? How is it related to the COVID-19 pandemic? This article connects Education 4.0 with the unexpected ...
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mind mapping

Mind Mapping: A Powerful Way to Attain What You Want

How do we attain what we want? Are there tools to help us out? In this article, I describe how ...
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thesis defense

Thesis Defense: 10 Tips That Are Proven to Work

The thesis defense is a significant event in a graduate student's journey towards getting a higher degree. Many students find ...
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lithic mulch garden

Lithic Mulching: An Amazing Ancient Gardening Technique to Cope with COVID-19

What is lithic mulching? How is a lithic mulch garden constructed? This article explains this ancient technology that can work ...
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CoViD-19: A Malthusian Prediction to Limit Population Growth?

Is COVID-19 a demonstration of Malthus' prediction that there are natural checks to limit population growth? This article discusses the ...
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5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need A Physics Tutor

Why do you need to hire a physics tutor? This article lists five eye-opening reasons why you should hire one ...
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assistive technologies

25 Assistive Technologies and Online Learning

The simple definition of disability can be ascribable to an intellectual, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairment or a ...
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Writing the Research Objectives: 5 Real Examples

The research objective of a research proposal or scientific article defines the direction or content of a research investigation. Without ...
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How Technology Has Shaped Collaboration

Technology is one of the biggest driving forces for change in the world today. Technological innovations have transformed how we ...
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research problems

Three Sources of Research Problems

Research is a venture towards discovery. Before discovery takes place, however, a researcher needs to identify the research problems to ...
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traffic accidents

Traffic Accidents: Seven Causes You Should Not Ignore

Why do traffic accidents happen? Are these road mishaps preventable? This article describes seven causes of traffic accidents based on ...
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Five Tips on How to Discuss the Results of Your Study

When I give students research projects to do as part of their course requirements in the various courses I teach, ...
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Asking Questions in Research: Its Importance

Recently, one of the readers in asked me to help her come up with her conceptual framework. Many of ...
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scientific publishing

Scientific Publishing: How to Publish a Math/Science Article or Book at Amazon for Free. No need for Scientific Journals Anymore!

In recent days I published three scientific books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Program. Scientific publishing is possible at Amazon! ...
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stop searching the literature

When to Stop Searching the Literature: Three Tips

When do you stop searching the literature? This article provides three tips to help you decide whether to go on ...
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agroecosystem Philippines

Agroecosystem and the Rise of Agroecology for 8 Billion People

Due to the lack of exhaustive reference material on agroecosystem for my ecosystems dynamics class, I decided to write this ...
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Mind Map: A Tool in Conceptual Framework Development

How can a mind map assist you in formulating your conceptual framework? This article explains and provides examples on how ...
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Blog as Reference Material for 21st Century Learners

I developed, a research-oriented blog, to facilitate student learning taking advantage of easy online access to educational articles that ...
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