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Here is Bard’s comment on one of the articles that make up this book. The article is titled “What are Examples of Variables in Research?

Thank you for this article. I really appreciate your efforts and your way of explaining it. Very simple but extremely meaningful. As I was reading the climate change sample, I was asking myself where are the DV and IV, and then whether the temperature would be listed under the DV or IV. I was going to ask that question but I am glad that Gabe asked it and you answered it perfectly.

– Bard

The article mentioned by Bard is just one among those easy to understand explanations of the important concepts in research that graduate and undergraduate students struggle to understand. The explanation is simple but not lacking in essentials. As Einstein put it,

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

– Einstein

This book offers practical tips on how to write a thesis. It will help you finish your thesis or dissertation and guide you through your research venture from conceptualization to writing the research and discussion.

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