13 Protocols on How to Keep a Sustainable Friendship

How to you keep a sustainable friendship? Here’s a list of 13 protocols to keep that friendship glowing.

Friendship is one of the indefinite subdivisions into which something is divided, and which, together, constitutes a whole. Likewise, it is a part and parcel of everyone’s meaningful life.

We can’t do away without them. It’s like having a distinct from the one first considered from another mother, not biological but connected by established relations over the years, simply correlated by hearts.

Friends make a little effort and notably fitting or happier life. We live a multicolored life with an array of friends who make life even marvelous, with them by your side. You share boundless secrets or discreet close mouth, laughter, and tears down the road forevermore.

They’re there to stay for a lifetime—capable of being relied on for emotional support. Friendship constitutes a value of something measured by qualities and self-esteem. True friends are invariably a shoulder to cry on.

And, they stand beside you through thick and thin no matter what to endure or remain firm under good or instances of misfortune. They always accept you for who you are. Your negativity or positivity gets rewarded with tolerance, or with acceptance.

Sustainable friendship persists through time.

They attentively listen to your woes, sufferings, affliction, grief, passion, ardent affection, dreams, and ambitions in life. They will perpetually desire for you to achieve dreams and ambitions in life. They’ll always substantially be there to support you in life as you proceed to move on a course towards your objective plan.

They will share your comparative moments of oozing achievements without feeling any malice, no previous feeling of jealousy or remorse at all. You eminently support each other with your interesting sports, hobbies, passion, and talents.

Each time one weakens or falls or loses strength and stumble, the others are perpetually there to elevate and lift you up. When the other one will be crestfallen and overcome by grief or despair, the others will weep and shed tears with you and then spontaneously move through and help you pick up the broken pieces, stand up and be whole again.
In every achievement and success you’ve had, the others are substantially there genuinely happy for you as well.

A dispute between friends for the teens may be stressful, yet subsequently, afterward, the misunderstanding and the bond between you and your friends spring up and develop to be stronger and a lasting one. Then you determine, learn and encounter ways to uplift the friendship.

13 Protocols on How to Keep a Sustainable Friendship

  1. Instill the spirit of camaraderie. The exacting formulation of close relations as between a friend to another.
  2. Spend quality time together collectively. To hold and maintain in one’s regard and activities together. Bonding Moments with a friend every weekend is ideal virtual or face-to-face.
  3. Respect privacy and keep your friend’s secrets confidential. In keeping with good taste, preserve top secrets and confidentiality. Something of info kept hidden from the knowledge of others, shared only with amongst the group.
  4. Regularly keep in touch. Besides one another in line, up to a particular standard or level, especially knowledge of friend’s recent developments.
  5. Listen attentively to them. The practice develops aptitude and ability. Practice good listening skills. Pay close attention and give due consideration. Hear something with thoughtful ideas.
  6. Show care and concern to your friends’ families. To be concerned about or relate to a disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and responsibilities.
  7. Be a good friend, deserving of love and respect. Be of approving character, suitable or commercially sound that can be relied upon.
  8. Reach out as a friend. Exhibit a friendly relationship with… one is attached to another by deep affection and esteem. One that is of the same group, a favored companion.
  9. Shun from lending so much. As much as possible, do shun away from lending a tremendously large amount because it may cause a future conflict and hamper the friendship unless it’s an emergency. Otherwise, refrain from this.
  10. Travel together to go on as if on a tour or excursion. Or go malling together, shop or hunt or search at the stores together for better birthday gift ideas. Two or more heads are better than one.
  11. Enjoy common hobbies and sports together. A pursuit outside one’s regular occupation and engagement, especially in any form of relaxation. Have a good time together in addition to one’s vocation for enjoyment and unwind.
  12. Be supportive of your friends’ talents. Give supplementary support and backing. Genuinely promote the interest or cause of each other like painting and charity events or volunteer together as a team.
  13. Surprise your friends. A surprise with a feeling caused by something unexpected will melt her heart. Surprise her on her birthday with flowers and a birthday cake. Or have your group serenade her with her fave songs.

You have been blessed with friends—of whom are a part of God’s precious gift to you. For He knows a commendable set of few friends will be wholly adequate for you. Thus you cherish them with all your heart’s prowess, unselfishly loving them as your sisters.

Hanging out with friends all the time or whenever you have time because of the distance in work locations is excellent for your well-being. Enjoy harmoniously every moment of your time. You all came from different families, yet you get along really well. You comfort each other.

Most of all, we have a best friend in our Mighty God. God will never leave us on our own. He takes care of us and our family 24/7. Yes, our Living God! Yeshuah Jesus. (Acts 4: 12)

You simply love them beyond measure. It’s a preeminent factor to have favored companions who conform in every respect or share identical cultures and beliefs with you who are dynamically believers in Christ Jesus. You help each other enhance and proliferate growth spiritually in our Lord Jesus and help each other build a steadfast relationship with the Lord.

Eventually, together you carry tasks requiring sustained effort and work as a team for the Glory of the Lord God Almighty, of whom our whole being revolves around for His extraordinary and ample love and mercy. Work on a predominant resolution for His greater purpose in God’s ministry. Thereby sharing the eventful gospel of God and the Salvation of Jesus—-a gift for everyone.

The friendship of God is a predictor of one’s happiness. That’s my secret.

Have a long-standing, sustainable friendship. Sisterhood. Fellowship. Cordiality and goodwill! God speed.


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