Lower Blood Pressure Instantly with Warm Water: From 141/82 to 121/71

Do you know that simple water intake can lower blood pressure instantly? For those suffering from hypertension, this article is for you. Read on to find out why.

Earlier, I posted an article about how eating plain potato and no meat in the diet can lower one’s blood pressure. But what I discovered just recently is something that I would like to share with people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Drinking warm water can lower blood pressure instantly! And safely, too.

Why is this so? I did a little research on how warm water correlates with blood pressure. I narrate my personal experience supported by several articles I found online that support this claim.

Every morning when I get up, I usually notice that my blood pressure is higher than usual. Although my doctor once said that this blood pressure fluctuation is normal, I was a little bit paranoid about my blood pressure getting awfully high.

I avoid taking maintenance medications that have many side effects. I am always on the lookout for natural remedies if I could.

Why the High Blood Pressure?

The heart pumping blood throughout the human circulatory system brings with it important nutrients and oxygen which a person needs to survive. But as time goes by, the arteries and veins that channel this blood get narrower due to deposits of undesirable plaque. As the diameter of the arteries and veins narrow, less space is made available for blood to flow.

The narrower channels force the heart to work harder, to bring blood to the different areas of the body that need replenishment of nutrients and oxygen. Blood also brings back waste in the form of residual materials like urea, creatinine, and carbon dioxide. These wastes get disposed of in the lungs, kidneys, and digestive system.

Blood pressure goes up when the heart works harder to force blood into narrower pathways to perform this function. More so if blood is denser due to the higher level of protein or hematocrit in the blood.

What do I mean by that? I love applying analogy. This approach makes things simple and easier to understand. I’ll explain the findings in layman’s language.

The heart working harder than usual due to thicker blood works similarly to having to force muddy water through a pipe. The fluid is denser than just plain, clean water. Thus, it takes a lot more effort to let it flow through a channel.

Imagine the same thing happening in your body. If your blood has a high density of proteins or red blood cells flowing through your arteries and veins, then you’ve got a big problem.

However, the latter condition can be managed. I have done so. There’s a way to overcome this condition with some kind of intervention. And I want that intervention to be something natural.

Genes and Blood Pressure

If your arteries and veins narrow due to lack of exercise or too many fatty substances depositing along that complex network of the circulatory system, then pressure builds up. It can also be genetically determined.

Genetically speaking, some people inherit narrower arteries and veins that predispose them to high blood pressure. The condition is similar to asthmatic individuals whose bronchial tubes are smaller than most people. Those small channels in the lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. If you have asthmatic parents, chances are, you will become asthmatic, too.

Pardon me, let’s go back to the blood pressure issue.

Warm Water Can Lower Blood Pressure Instantly

I am so fortunate and thankful that the internet is there to satisfy my curiosity, particularly in my quest for good health. It is an excellent tool that man has ever invented. I used the knowledge gained to my advantage. One of those things I learned online includes the curative properties of water.

In the simple experiment I carried out on myself, I hypothesized that warm water could lower high blood pressure instantly.

Assuming that upon waking up, I lack water since I have been sleeping without water input for about 7 hours or so. I thought that dehydration had set in. So I drink two glasses of warm water whenever I notice that my blood pressure is high.

It’s good practice to hydrate oneself because dehydration increases the density of red blood cells in the blood that causes it to become denser. I have explained earlier that this forces the heart to work harder and trigger high blood pressure.

My blood pressure the last time was 141/82 and my heart rate at 61. The heart warning in my Omron wrist blood pressure monitor blinks. Blinking indicates that I have high blood pressure. After I drank two glasses of warm water, in just a minute, my blood pressure was down to 119/71, and my heartbeat was at 63.

Image by hansdakfamilyministry from Pixabay

This drop in blood pressure, apparently triggered by warm water input, did not happen only once but more than five times. Thus, I thought that the idea that warm water can lower high blood pressure instantly is worth sharing.

Why two glasses of warm water? One glass is anywhere between 200 to 250 ml of water.

I deemed one glass cannot satiate one’s thirst, and warm water stays in the body longer than cold or cool water.

According to Watson and Potter (2020), we can obtain 10 benefits by drinking hot water. But I find drinking warm water works best for me.

If you’re still not convinced or want to learn more about the benefits of drinking water, listen to the following video.

Eight health benefits of drinking water.

Conclusion and Recommendations for Better Health

It is easy to conduct research along this discovery to confirm the validity of my assumptions and findings. Of course, many other factors may affect the blood pressure reading so all of those factors such as salt intake should be made constant.

This anecdotal discovery just means that if we search for natural ways to get rid of our malady, we may eventually be able to find one. I believe that one of those cures to high blood pressure, pending rigorous medical experimentation, is plain warm water. Warm water can lower high blood pressure instantly.

To prevent going to the bathroom much more frequently, vigorously shake the water in a container 20 times. Shaking adds more oxygen to the water and makes it more healthy. It just works.

To encourage you to hydrate upon waking up, have a thermos nearby next to your bed. Drink a cup or two of warm water before starting the day.

As we get too occupied with online work, we tend to forget to drink. I’m guilty. Having accessible water next to you increases the chance of hydration. Using a drink water app worked for me, too.

Let’s drink and be merry.

© P. A. Regoniel 3 October 2021