How to Write the Conceptual Framework in a Research Proposal

Many of the users of post a lot of queries in the high traffic article I wrote titled: Conceptual Framework: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make One. The article intends to provide useful tips on how to write the conceptual framework in a research proposal. 

Despite the step-by-step, simplified guide on how to write the conceptual framework, the many questions posed by the readers suggest that they are unable to comprehend fully well the contents of the article. Through time, more than 400 readers commented in that single article (Note: Now, the comments are still increasing after I removed the comments up to July 2019 in my attempt to write another e-book about the Questions and my answers. Someone told me she learned a lot from the Q&A, so I compiled them into an e-book).

Interest in the topic is quite high. At this writing, more than 2,500 (update on 2/23/20: 8,000) users read the article daily. Aside from grateful comments, readers keep on asking a lot of questions about how to go about their conceptual framework despite the illustrative example.

Detailed Questions on Conceptual Framework

Some of those who commented asked too specific questions related to their research topics. Several masters degree candidates even send manuscripts for review and comments, eagerly waiting for my response.

Did you read it?

Many of those questions make sense, while others show the dilemma of a beginning researcher. Some users did not read the article at all. The material already discussed answers to their questions.

Among those common questions asked pertains to the determination of the independent and the dependent variables. Discernment of the difference between these types of variables appears to be difficult for many. 

Also, questions indicate a failure to relate one’s research topic in the article on how to write the conceptual framework in a research proposal. Nevertheless, I oblige by answering so fundamental questions giving detailed suggestions and examples.

Reviewing the Literature Takes Time

However, answering questions on specific research topics proves to be time-consuming. I have to review the literature to make sure that my answer will be backed up by science. Reviewing the literature takes a lot of time.

Although I enjoyed answering the questions, I cannot respond to all the specific queries on how to build one’s conceptual framework.

Writing in is a hobby, a way to share my understanding of the research process. I admit that my ideas are subject to scrutiny, and I thankfully respond to readers who point out overlooked points or glaring errors.

how to write the conceptual framework in a research proposal
Scrabble forming the word concept (Source:

E-book on How to Write the Conceptual Framework in a Research Proposal

To be more effective in addressing the readers’ queries, I wrote the e-book titled “Conceptual Framework Development Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide with Five Practical Examples.” The e-book is a compilation of all conceptual framework related articles that I previously wrote in this site and other blogging websites. 

I combined lecture materials in graduate school and personal experience in researching to enrich the discussion. Further, recognizing the effectiveness of examples to illustrate the concept, I added five concrete examples using actual scientific papers to the e-book. The task was tedious, but it seems the e-book has fulfilled its purpose. 

Thus, for those who find difficulty in writing the conceptual framework in a research proposal, the e-book detailing the steps on how to write the conceptual framework in a research proposal is a must-have. For those who have availed of this publication, the author will be happy to receive comments, suggestions, and healthy criticisms to further enrich this work— all for the sake of better research outputs and discovery.

If you are patient enough to browse in this site, chances are, you will find answers to your research-related questions. If not, then my e-book on How to Write a Thesis in the Information Age compiles all the research tips I wrote in this site and other websites with review questions as well as exercises.

Please message me about that specific topic you would like to know more about, and I will respond with an article related to your query.


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