Alvior’s Theory of Learning in Higher Education

How are educational theories arrived at? Dr. Alvior is generous enough to post her narrative on how she arrived at her theory of learning in higher education. She named it Alvior’s Theory of Learning in Higher Education. For students of curriculum development, this article is invaluable. See how a theory evolves.

This article is more than 2,000 words so you need to sit down for a while to read everything or read them by page. – Editor-in-Chief


Why and how do people learn in college? How does learning in that stage of educational ladder take place? What is the process involved in it?

These are the questions bothering me in order to come up with my personal theory of learning, the so-called Alvior’s Theory of Learning in Higher Education.

This personal theory was conceptualized in May 2008 due to the inspiration of Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Tish” Bautista. She was my professor in Linguistics at De La Salle University, Manila in 2000.

She was then in my hometown in Puerto Princesa City for a short vacation. I did not even know that she was in my place but a friend told me that Dr. Tish was looking for me.

Dr. Tish gave me a book as a gift. The book contains visions for Philippine Education in honor of Br. Andrew Gonzalez with a dedication,

“For Mary, may the book be of help to you on your way to becoming an educational leader and innovator. God bless. Sincerely, Tish Bautista.”

I had misty eyes after reading it. I should be in the language field, but God placed me into the field of education. It was not my dream but maybe God knows what is best for me or perhaps, it’s other people’s dream for me. Whatever it was, I took the challenge and my personal theory was based on the contents of that book — reaching our dreams.

Alvior’s Theory of Learning

How I Arrived at My Formula on Learning in Higher Education

I believe dream is the “in” thing now. Remember “Star Struck”? It has a dream, believe, survive line.

Why dream?

Every time I ask my friends, “Why were you able to have this and that? or “Why were you able to do that?” Their answers are the same — because of our dreams.

Moreover, I read a book, “The Correct Formula of Success” by Henry R. Vargas. He developed a formula for success as follows:

Vargas Formula of Success = H + D + P + A/G

which means Hope plus Dream plus Plan plus Action divided by Goal.

I patterned my formula of Learning in Higher Education from Vargas’ formula. We learn because of our dream. I call it the Alvior’s Theory of Higher Learning or ATHL.

Dreams make us what we want to become.

Why do we enroll in a particular course in college? It is our dream or probably the dream of our parents, our friends, or people who have touched our lives that we finish a college course. And their dreams for us become ours. Dreams make us what we want to become.

The Formula of Alvior’s Theory of Learning

The Alvior’s Theory of Higher Learning (ATHL) can be summed up as follows:

ATHL = D + P + A(M)/C

where D represents Dream, P means Plan, A refers to Action, M to Motivation, and C stands for Capacity.


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