A Study on the Vision and Mission of the Palawan State University and the Goal and Program Objectives of its Graduate School

1. What is the level of awareness and acceptance of GS faculty, students, and the community regarding the university’s vision and mission, and the Graduate School’s goal and program objectives?

2. Is there a significant correlation between the level of awareness and acceptance of the GS faculty, students and the community?

3. Is there a significant difference between the GS faculty, students and the community in terms of level of awareness and level of acceptance?


To provide answers to the questions given above, the researcher conducted a quick survey from February to March 2006. The survey sample consisted of the following respondents:

  • 17 GS faculty,
  • 109 graduate students, and
  • 14 community/stakeholders.

The  questionnaires, primarily consisting of Likert-type scale items, were distributed to all GS faculty members. As for the students, the questionnaires were given to all those who were attending classes when the survey was conducted.

Community respondents consisted of store owners, salesladies or sales persons along Valencia Street, a road next to the Graduate School, and graduate school alumni. Retrieving the questionnaires from this group is difficult, hence, the small number of samples to represent that group.

This sampling difficulty limits generalizations to be made from this study. At best, this study provides baseline information and is largely exploratory.

SPSS was used in analyzing the data obtained in the survey.

Results and Discussion

There is a moderate correlation between awareness and acceptance of Palawan State University’s vision, mission, goals and objectives. This is indicated by a correlation coefficient of 0 .47 as indicated in Table1.

Table 1. Correlation between awareness and acceptance

MeanStd. Dv.r(X,Y)r2tpN

Analysis of variance in Table 2a to test for differences in awareness of Palawan State University’s mission, vision, goals and objectives (VMGOs) between the faculty, the students and the community revealed that there is a significant difference between them. Least squares deviation test (Table 2b) shows that the response between each type of respondent confirmed the difference. The faculty members had the highest awareness level (mean=2.90) followed by the students (mean = 2.76) and lastly the community (mean = 2.37).

In terms of acceptance of Palawan State University’s mission, vision goals and objectives, the data does not present sufficient evidence that there is a significant difference between them.

Table 2a. Analysis of variance.

SS EffectDf EffectMS EffectSS ErrorDf ErrorMS ErrorFp

Table 2b. Least squares deviation test.

Type of Respondent{1} M = 2.9025{2} M=2.7613{3} M=2.3663
Faculty {1}.002318.000000
Student {2}.002318
Community {3}.000000.000000

Conclusion and Recommendation

This study supports the idea that all GS faculty have the highest level of awareness and acceptance compared to the students and the community. The low values obtained from 14 respondents representing the community suggested that many of them are not yet fully aware of the university’s VMGOs.

Thus, it is highly recommended that the Graduate School must strengthen or improve the school’s strategies in disseminating information about the PSU’s vision and mission as well as the Graduate School’s Goal and program objectives to the alumni, community and other stakeholders.

Recognizing the study’s sampling limitations, it is recommended that a separate study be made on the awareness and acceptance of the VMGOs for the alumni, the community and the other stakeholders.

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    1. We will be conducting knowledge and acceptance of stakeholders on new PSU Mission and Vision, I would like to consult you. I can’t access your whole paper on former Mission and Vision. Is it okay to ask you a copy of it? It was not available in PSU Lib and URO.

    2. Hello Ma’am Mary,
      I really want to read your book because it is partly related to our group research study..
      Please allow us to have a copy of your book.
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      1. HI, Euvie. Which book are you referring to? I have not written a book yet. Dr, Patrick Regoniel has many books that are displayed in this site. You may buy it online if you have credit card or pay pal. Thanks so much.

  1. Hello Ma’m Mary. Your study is a very good reference for my study on VMGO. I need your book. Could it be possible for you to send me a copy? Thank you very much and God bless.

    1. Hello, August. Sorry for a delayed reply. I don’t have a book for VMGO. This study was done in 2006 as a requirement for accreditation of the Graduate School program in Palawan State University. Thus, it is not a good study for citation. It was only a micro research.

      If you have other questions, you can email me at simplyeducateme1mga@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.

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