5th Note to Readers

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting Simply Educate Me.

Please note that this site is no longer in the WordPress.com domain. Simply Educate Me is now, therefore, in the WordPress.org domain. The change took effect on 27 November 2012.

I decided to have it self-hosted for greater flexibility and in anticipation of extending the site’s functionality. I am also making use of my website host, GoDaddy.com, as I earlier purchased a domain name before even creating Simply Educate Me. A paid domain name shortens the uniform resource location or simply what people refer to as the url (By the way, GoDaddy.com is among the few web hosts that cater to this unique domain name. I chose the .me domain because it is easy to remember).

A shorter url enables the site to be easily searched and indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Now, whenever you type just the simple phrase “simply educate me” in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search box; the articles in this site appear in the top ten article links displayed.

I lost my website stats but will display them again for monitoring purposes once I get familiar with the plug-ins. I’m just feeling my way in in this new venture that I again undertake as I enjoyed doing this hobby. If this hobby becomes very productive, then that would be great.

This change means that more features will be included in this site because a WordPress.org site can accept thousands of plug-ins. Plug-ins are features of WordPress that WordPress.org programmers create for the self-hosted WordPress sites.

Among the plug-ins in this self-hosted site of Simply Educate Me is Jetpack, a plug-in with features similar with that of the original WordPress.com site. The shift allowed me to relate easily with the self-hosted WordPress.com site because Jetpack features similar menus as I see it in the WordPress.com site. I just have to pay for spam protection through Akismet to prevent spammers from messing up this site and keep reader experience optimal. Now, I’ve learned two terms, Jetpack and Akismet of WordPress as I get to know WordPress as my publishing platform.

As I am rather new in website development, I still am looking for the best ways to present Simply Educate Me. It is possible that a new theme will be adopted soon and new categories or pages will be added to further enrich reader experience.

I opted to add some ad space to help me keep this site running as putting up a self-hosted site requires some investment to make. While at this point some ads may not be very relevant to reader’s needs, I expect that advertiser’s focused on delivering educational resources will notice Simply Educate Me and show much more relevant ads so those ads would complement posts and facilitate reader access to those products they really need.

Once again, thank you for visiting my site. May you enjoy your visit. – p.a.r.

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