What I Intend to Do With This Blog

Greetings everyone!

I am a college professor and I intend to use this site as an educational resource for college and graduate students. My blog will provide information on the common and not-so-common issues and concerns in college and graduate school life. The issues that I will tackle will be on those topics which the students have difficulty trying to understand.

I teach both undergraduate and graduate students covering the fields of research and statistics, the environment, among other things. I hope that the articles I write and the links I provide will be helpful resources so that students will learn.

I write in the simplest way possible, to transfer knowledge to my students. I discuss each topic thoroughly and with focused themes so that the difficult concepts encountered in college life are well understood. I will be providing links to make clear the issues and concerns I raised.

It is my philosophy that education is ineffective unless the knowledge and skills learned are applied in real life. If students are able to apply what they have learned from my articles, then the existence of this website is justified.

Comments will be appreciated. I hope you enjoy my blogs.


Interested writers have contacted me on their intention to share their knowledge in line with the intention of this site. Now, two of them have been approved and started contributing worthy articles for visitors of this site. Here are the articles they have written:

How to Write Survey Questions

Defining a Research Topic for Your Thesis

If you have what it takes, you may send your intention to admin@simplyeducate.me including two links to your best articles online.

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Updated: July 14, 2013

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