We are happy to inform you that we offer the following services at reasonable prices:

  1. give thesis/dissertation advice;
  2. search for related studies and literature on a given topic;
  3. edit thesis, dissertation, and technical reports in English;
  4. check if paragraphs, essays, and research papers are plagiarized;
  5. analyze and interpret statistical data; 
  6. design teaching plans (preferably for K-12 students, students preparing for college or university in the Middle East, Africa, and Asian countries; 
  7. design and write textbooks or workbooks for K12 and university students;
  8. evaluate textbooks and other instructional materials at all levels;
  9. develop and evaluate assessment tools and strategies;
  10. help in creating institutional outcomes, program outcomes, and the students’ intended learning outcomes;
  11. develop courses and seminars for curriculum development and instructional materials; and
  12. help gather data through surveys, focus group discussions, and interviews.

We also serve as:

  1. external panel member for thesis and dissertation;
  2. external evaluator of college or university exams in the sciences, English and education subjects or courses; and
  3. consultant in curriculum development, instructional materials development, research, health, and the environment.

For further information or queries, please use the contact form.

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